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Immoral Diplomate


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Politics is something we are all tired of hearing. Be it the nation, schools or colleges, or even our very own office environment. The system is inbuilt. Even under the 21st-century tags, things do not seem to revive the age-old consequences of being specifically concerned into politically influential.

I’ve been a marketing manager for this very company called Bridge-way isobars, must have heard about the top-notch perfume ranges they produce. It’s been four years and pretty much these eyes have been witnessed to many logistics I can say. The establishment grew leaps and bounds possibly because of its staff, but I will tell you something more than the perfumes.

Parul has been recruited as the new sales developer. Reasons for which are unknown. Not like every other new recruit, this girl happens to be underqualified with regard to not knowing what to do and what not. We’ve been wanting to know what was the HR up to. Very recently, the posters and social managing banners were called off. Uncertain how this never happened before, we sent a memo to the higher concerned authority. If it was probably anyone else in that place, they’d be fired. But they never really seem like they showed concern. Damini, another associate raised her voice because come on, this is an MNC. Anything messed up will cost your salary or even your job for that matter.

Parul is more on the arrogant side of things I suppose. In no time the issue was taken into custody, the sales manager took the job into his own hands which wasn’t supposed to be the case. The work was never being assigned to the sales developer as if there was nothing to learn about. The assigned set of goals were steeped, but with Parul’s credit tagged. This insanely grew wild with time. The same cycle was repeated. The same amount of fear hit all my associates even if it wasn’t the same department. If I’ve forgotten to mention earlier, Parul is the daughter of our very own secretary Mr. Basu. Majorly also because she received promotions twice a year, credentials for every ongoing project, maximum salary pay, and whatnot.

Damini still being a double graduate managed to stay in the same post she joined the corporate for. It’s funny how office politics work on power and not where the person actually deserves to start and the cost of the own company drowning into regimes. This is not the end. She was deployed as the finance executive within a year of joining. As usual, she handled things the way she liked. Tally’s weren’t questioned. The board meeting was summoned to ledger the shares claimed by Bridgeway isobars. When the calculations were made, there portrayed a debt of 250 crores worth of funds. The team was questioned. Parul however did not take the blame to be we know the crock. The company ran into losses. She was later shifted into another department instead of being fired.

This indeed is the dirty side of corporate politics. The innocent and eligible stay lower and influences throw people higher. Not only did the company lose its investors and ran into losses, people like Damini still worked twice as much and remained thrice as low.

This is the actuality of the corporate rung. Uncensored.

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