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In the present era of numerous publishing platforms making their way into what’s called accountable content, Bizleaks.in is an attempt of a holistic approach towards media platform, with an aim of fostering entrepreneurship and empowering young undertakers to help build their rung of success.

We at Bizleaks strive towards connecting bridges between the what’s and how’s of an entrepreneurial stake, keeping in mind the challenges, role plays, and everything pertaining to what would be called necessities when it comes to leading an executive life.

Our sole purpose is to provide the luxury of ease for the business legacy to connect with communities, professional networks, fun elements, and provide sustainable ways to make a positive impact. In the world of absolute competition, we’d intend to help you choose your sharp oversight on what your next move would be. Nevertheless, we’d rather refrain from authority. Because we believe everyone has their unique potential to overgrow the next. Bizleaks is all about connecting people, the essence of sharing and helping others find their fit.


We believe in your potential, creativity, energy, emotions, intuitions, and intellect. We are a human company. We consistently seek to understand what motivates us as individuals. We think that when you gather exciting, intellectually curious people at one place, the most beautiful Biz happens.

We believe in business intelligence ideas that are capable to bring growth. We are creative, yet systematic. It just requires a good strategy with the right creative notch. We extensively believe in processes that are capable to help build the Biz culture.

As emotional thinkers, we believe in connecting with emotions at the deepest level. Living in a logically dominated community, AI and technology, the intelligence of the heart become rare, yet important. We believe when the mind and emotions are aligned in harmony, it helps create the highest levels of business.

Bizleaks.in as a community is all set to make your business aspect magical. But nothing as such works wonders unless you throw yore heart and soul right? Our pioneer proves this right. He has cultivated this over time, bringing people who think like-minded about his prospects on business.

We are a transformative wave. Installing in us is undoubtedly a transformative experience. Working with us will make you more creative, more confident, and more ambitious for your business m.

Bizleaks.in is a work in progress. If there are ways Bizleaks could be more helpful, authentic, or impactful, please do let us know. We’re all in this together so let’s be supportive, patient, collaborative, and innovative. We can’t do this without you. 

Nikhil Midha
FCS, M.com, B.com (H)

Nikhil Midha With over 9 years of experience in the real business world, Nikhil Midha is a strategist who focuses on the management and growth of modern businesses. His profile can be summarized as under:

  • Founder of Onkar Milkers (P) Ltd; initiated in the year 2020 it is a startup in FMCG products primarily milk and allied products, where we manufacture organic products with utmost focus on unadulterated preparations, in the first quarter of initiation itself the company had touched the monthly sales turnover in 6 figures and by the end of first year we are targeting to reach the mark of monthly sales figures of up-to 7 figures minimum.

onkar milkers

Visit Website: www.onkarmilkers.com

  • Founder of GSTWALA.com India (P) Ltd; initiated the venture in 2016 and continuing till date, it’s a venture registered as a Startup with the government of India under DIPP, Ministry of Commerce and Industries. At GSTWALA we provide custom solutions for GST return filing and advisory to the clients, working with an in-house team of 4-5 people.


Visit Website: www.gstwala.com

  • Proprietor at MN & Associates, Practising Company Secretaries since 2014, involved in the core practice of a Company Secretary undertaking all compliances related to basic and sector-based secretarial laws, company law, IPR laws, Employment Laws, FEMA and RBI provisions, Startup support, and Research and Opinion making for the valued clients and customers, working with a team of 7-8 people.

MN & Associates

Visit Website: www.cs-india.com

  • Working as a Key Advisor and Tax Laws Consultant with Tax Return Wala LLP since its inception in 2015 working with a team of 10-12 people on matters relating to Statutory/ Internal Audits, Tax Filings for Individuals and Corporates, Corporate filings, and Business Registrations, MSME and FSSAI Registrations and Business Modelling for clients.


Visit Website: www.taxreturnwala.com

  • Worked as a teacher for Various subjects of LAW in CA and CS curriculum from 2012 till 2016 at different coaching institutes in Delhi/NCR (taught more than 6,000 students in the above tenure).
  • Motivational Speaker with a passion for training young minds by means of seminars and sessions organized on different occasions and different chapters of ICAI, ICSI, and also some private colleges and institutes.