Her EraAlanna Believe In Turning Insecurities Into Inspiration

Alanna Believe In Turning Insecurities Into Inspiration


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This is the life story of Rashi Bahel Mehra. The idea of an organic specialized lip care brand began with her own experience. She noticed that suddenly with age, her lips started getting darker. The first set of questions that came to her mind was why was it happening? Neither did she smoke nor apply too much makeup. Plus she didn’t even go out too much in the sun yet!

She spoke to her sister, mother, and other family and friends and realized they all had issues with their lips but didn’t really understand “why”! She was desperately looking for solutions in the market but, could barely find anything beyond a generic fruit-flavored and wax-based lip balm claiming to solve all her problems but eventually, at some point, disappointed her later.

She realized that we all have an upgraded routine with products that are science-backed for our face, body, and even intimate but sadly nothing for the lips despite them being the most used part of our face and having a completely different skin construct.

This was the launch of ALANNA in the year 2021 as India’s First Specialized Lip Care Brand with two co-founders from Marketing and Finance with a power-packed 14+ years of experience each, giving their sweat and soul to ALANNA.

It has Active Infused, Lab-proven, dermatologically tested, Vegan, and Regimen-based functional products for lips. All ALANNA products are cruelty-free.

We believe in turning insecurities into inspiration! Everyone has a unique story and a distinct problem! We strive to build a community where people come together and share stories of how they overcame their struggles! We want to enhance naturally beautiful lips by providing them a boost of life through our lip care essentials! -Rashi Bahel Mehra

Why Specialized Lip care?                                                                    

With a mission to fight lip pigmentation and make consumers more educated and aware about taking better care of their lips, they think Specializing in one area is better than focusing on multiple generic solutions. When you give attention to one thing at a time, you gain expertise in that particular field.

Her Challenges and Learnings-

Although they have chosen an interesting and probable genre, she states that eventually, you learn to embrace the new and wholly distinct challenges that each day brings with it, talking about Challenges, Everything from supply chain management to sales to managing your team to cash flow. They all have unique requirements and you get to learn something new every day. But the strength to fight those challenges comes through… 

Patience, Persistence, and Teamwork! 

There are certain things that you only learn once and after you start your enterprise. She got to experience that Cash flow is an integral part of a business, not just a product. You must maintain it for the business to run smoothly. Delegation is the key to functioning effectively. You should not try to do everything by yourself. The key skill set of an entrepreneur is to know how to leverage the resources he has!

The crux that keeps them going…

The belief- that what you are trying to do is solve a much bigger problem. If you are in it for money matters, chances are likely that you would be constantly anxious and easily disappointed but if you focus on the why! It helps you stay committed to your roots and towards your ultimate goal. The more curious you are, the more improvements and advancements you can put into your products, and you can work on them beforehand!

Achievements and Love-

ALANNA launched the World’s First Lip Wash, trademarked Lip Butter Masks, and has a Patent Pending formulation. They have built a Complete Lip Care Regimen where-in all the vital steps From Lip cleansing to Lip Overnight treatment are covered.

Customers reach out to them daily for specific Lip Care concerns. They feel more than happy to resolve their queries and develop the products likewise! They plan to develop more such targeted Lip care products in the near future.

ALANNA’s efforts were noticed and featured on platforms like Business World, Economic Time, Quint, Daily Hunt, and many more. ALANNA was positioned among the top 20 successful women entrepreneur brands in the year 2021!


ALANNA’S Vision is to become a Specialized Global Lip Care Brand Coming out of India. They want to target each and every Lip Care concern and then work accordingly. They believe specific and targeted Lip Care products work much more efficiently than the ones otherwise- One Lip care problem at a time.

Rashi Bahel Mehra stated although it has been a rollercoaster ride, they have just begun! They haven’t even reached halfway…and believe that hard work, smart work, and dedication combined will pave the roadway further for them. ALANNA is looking forward to making Lips pinker, plumpier, unpigmented, brighter, healthy, and Moreover Happier!

ALANNA comes from the heart of India, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.

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