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“Having an idea is hard, put ing it on the table is effort, working towards
its fulfillment is a strength, and making it successful is business” – Neha
Khaire (founder of Care Naturals)

During the hustle-bustle of our everyday life, we tend to forget to take care of
ourselves. We put all our attention towards making our way in this society and
put little to no attention on what we put on our own bodies. Well, here is a quick
scientific fact: A new mouse study suggests that long-term and high volume of
exposure to an antimicrobial commonly found in liquid hand soap, shampoos,
and other personal hygiene products – triclosan – could cause cancer and liver

Neha Khaire, the founder of Care Naturals was no alien to the harmful effects of
these everyday products. During the time of her master’s in London, her mother
sent her a bunch of handmade soap that she had made herself. Neha then
further gifted these soaps to some of her friends and one of them had an allergy
to chemically induced products and got relieved of all his skin problems like
riches and itching after using that handmade soap. This was the moment of
eureka for Neha Khaire to start a brand that was free of chemicals and full of

Neha engaged in a lot of research and surveys. She found out that no
chemical-induced brand encloses that whatever we put on our body gets
absorbed and our body doesn’t know how to get rid of those absorbed
chemicals. On the other hand, natural products consist of extracts, oils, or pulp
of different earthly materials so when the skin absorbs them they cause no
harm; instead, it works on the root cause of the problem which no chemical can.

After a lot of forethought, Neha finally started her own business in the year 2020
which she named “Care Naturals”. Care Naturals comprise skin essentials like
bathing bars, face wash, shampoos, etc all of which are made by putting together
the finest ingredients from mother earth.

What is unique about Care Naturals?
While doing her research, Neha also found out about “Aura Cleansing”. According
to spiritual beliefs, an aura or energy field is a luminous body that surrounds our
physical one. So basically, aura refers to energy and as we go about living our
lives, we are able to pick up energy from other people and the outside world.
Referring to the blog of Care Naturals “Sometimes the human body is trapped in
what we call, “negative energy”, i.e stress, anxiety, evil eye, jealousy, etc. which
results in a person’s intuitive block. This affects a person’s physical, and mental
health, mood, thinking capability, and so on”. Therefore we need to cleanse our
aura regularly.

The products offered by Care Naturals are curated delicately by using
ingredients that help in aura cleansing. Such ingredients are Himalayan salt and
active crystal energy which is known to absorb all negative ions of our body,
leaving it more positive and vivid.

Neha felt that people often looked down upon her in meetings and
collaborations as she was a woman entrepreneur nevertheless she always
believed in her business and in her products. She walked on an uneven path from
ground level to a higher one and learned that the only genuine help that one
receives is from oneself. Care Naturals started out as a small business in Pune
and now Neha has managed to sell her products not only just in India but also
throughout the UK, USA, and Europe including an Instagram family of 10.8k

Neha Khaire has taken an oath to create as much awareness as she can about the
harmful effects of chemical-induced products. She and her team are looking
forward to the day when they will have their own physical store not just in India
but throughout the world.

In the end, Neha wishes to give other startups a piece of advice to trust their
ideas and not let people pull you down that easily. She says “success is a thing
that takes time, honest efforts, and lots of hard work. Believe in yourself and take


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