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This is the story of Ms. Arouba Kabir; a perfect example of focusing on the light at the end of the tunnel.

Aruba KabirAruba Kabir, A Mental Health Professional was diagnosed at the age of 21 years with a Progressive Respiratory condition and the doctors told her that she only had a few years to live. This news pushed her toward a diagnosis of depression and anxiety.

That’s the time her journey with self and her profession began in reality. She started it in spiritual places and because she had a background in psychology, she then took multiple courses on mental health within two years she was able to let go of her psychiatry medicines and doctors even noticed an improvement in her lung function. Then she got to work under many psychologists and Psychiatrists both in India and abroad to learn the practical aspect of the human mind.

Today, she is one of the renowned names in Mental health Professional catering to clients from Homemakers to celebrities to business tycoons to corporates and has collaborations with many media houses like ABP news, ABP podcasts, etc.

The inception of Ms. Arouba Kabir’s story can be referred to as being tenebrous. She used to have self-harming tendencies which she acted upon and then the medical condition -cystic Fibrosis diagnosis. She says as I quote “I decided to let the quality of my life matter more than the quantity of my life”

Ms. Arouba then decided to become a mental health and wellness specialist and chose a holistic approach that not only helped her heal herself but also her clients. A holistic approach provides support to the whole person and not just their mental health; it aims to provide physical, emotional, social, and spiritual tools to the client.

In 2015, she started her own organization called “Enso Wellness”. Ms. Arouba says “Enso Wellness is a safe haven for people where we welcome everybody-Sufferers, Survivors, Heroes, and absolutely everybody in between.”

The most unique thing about Enso Wellness is that it not only focuses on providing therapy to the client. Therapies are very effective in dealing with psychological distress but one cannot ignore the importance of other factors that help us deal with the same including yoga. Therefore Enso Wellness provides various healing programs like counseling, talking therapy, yoga, pilates, meditations, art & craft, etc. Enso Wellness has a team of professionals including musicians, healers, therapists, fitness instructors, etc who acts as the engine of the holistic approach.

Enso Wellness also provides certified teacher training for Yoga, Meditation, and Reiki

Ms. Arouba wished she knew how deep and strong the stigmas on therapy were and she also wished she had a good relationship with rejection and failure because she says “unfortunately we are taught marketing strategies and all other things but we aren’t taught these emotional aspects which will impact our businesses”

Today Enso Wellness has helped thousands of individuals, including couples, children, etc, and has associated with many schools and corporations to conduct sessions on Guided meditation, Overcoming rejection and failure, Understanding how the mind works, Increasing productivity, Mental de-stressing, etc.

They have held two campaigns with hosts like Samir Soni, and Sid Mallya and have been interviewed by numerous dailies like Indian Express, Femina, News 10, Hindustan Times, Economic times, etc.

All of this was done to create mental health awareness and promote people to take it more seriously.

Enso Wellness Head office is located in Block G, DLF Phase 1, Gurugram, Haryana but the services are provided Globally. As an avid traveler, she loves to travel for work and exploration.

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