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So you’ve finally completed your studies. It is evident that you would want to earn and become self-sufficient and start being on your own. Corporate insiders look very appealing, no doubt about what your insights are. But I would not be wrong if I told you that the environment is very harsh and unrewarding for the passion you drive through. Your efforts define what you chose at the end of the day.

Let me tell you, I am Yash, a 26-year-old software developer. I’ve been working at dharma software solutions for almost three years now. Everything in my narrative has not been easy to get away from being a beginner. My initial days were fluxed with my manager introducing me to the new grind. But this wasn’t problematic for most of the part. My efficiency took a lot of time to reach the middle with twice the effort I rose to make an impact. Useless board meetings with mainstream ideas killed my talent once for all. This wasn’t the main part too. One and a half years down the line, I evidently made some friends among my colleagues. We discussed the atrocities stamped over us, made fun of, things went on fine. Weeks after this, I was called back home to attend my sister’s wedding. I took a break with my team leader’s permission in advance and returned home. Technically, for work from home.

Aakash has been my dearest friend from the day I joined the firm. Three days later, I get a call from my boss demanding a project report stating the deadline was due. Making haste, I called Aaksh and asked him if he could submit my report. He willingly said yes and I couldn’t be more thankful. I was also informed about the new upcoming project which came with a heavy ransom. Everybody wanted to be a part of it. Considering my expertise, I was certain to be their first choice. I immediately resumed work due to the throbbing deadlines. To my surprise, I had a warning letter on my table. I was called to the team leader’s cabin and fired for some unknown reason. Later it was bought to my notice that my project had not reached the table yet. The projection showed a different name. To my immediate shock, I found out that the upcoming project did not have my name too. Something seemed very vague.

I contact my manager only to find out that Aakash had already submitted my project in his name and also snatched away my position from the contract. Two years of ardent friendship. This seemed too hard to believe in the first place. I went ahead and asked the former if the information was true. He justified his action. He won. This is the kind of unhealthy competition that runs in the corporate world. No one is your friend and everyone is a competitor. Your creativity will not fetch you too far unless you choose to skip higher steps keeping your ethics aside. At the desired stake, Aaksh received a higher promotion and this couldn’t get worse. Six months later, I still work as a software corporate, not willing to hide the truth, I portray facts so you do not choose to fall prey to the dirty flaws corporate strives to offer.

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