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The Love Trap


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Who doesn’t want to hit the roads of a corporate world, for all the fancy nature, the fanatical salaries, the insane bonuses it bears, but hand in hand comes to the bitter side of the corporate life.

There’s one such incident, it was during his training time a young man who had just graduated and was getting trained for a reputed MNC company based in Pune, possessed an attractive personality and a great talent. One day it so happened at the cafeteria while he was waiting for his order, he found a girl looking at him, there seemed to be some kind of cosmos running between their eyes. This became a routine. The girl sits on the table next to him and absurdly drowns in each other’s existence. There is supposed to be some kind of time-lapse revolving as to how they reached the same place, at the same given time. After six long months, one fine day he decided to gather all his fate and confront the girl, he did place word, her voice began to tremble as she spoke to the lad, he realized she was nervous at that point it turned out to be an awkward confrontation. Then on the next day, there moves a text, he asked her if she has any feelings for him, for which she replied “right now we don’t even know each other and this is completely insane.  I have a kid”. This initially broke the boy, but never the less he did not know. They still decide to be friends. He felt terrible after knowing all this, he starts questioning himself as to why did she rise to emotions, being flirtatious when she was already married. He started ignoring her since then, but what stayed in the cosmos, he ignored and did not react.  She tried her best to seek attention and stood beside him, watching him with the hope that he would respond to her, but in vain. Since the lad was new recruitment, he tried his stars to socialize in his environment. After a while, he was introduced to his teammates for the fact he acknowledges that she was his manager. In dismay, he decided to interact with her only if it’s a crucial need or during the formal wants. Everything seemed to be fine until one day at the cafeterias so happens that he found himself with a female associate, conversing in gay with a cup of coffee. Everything was in place until his associate began shouting for help. Not knowing what exactly was the senate. Within no time the manager arrived. The former complained to the manager that he was talking to her forcibly she requested the manager to reframe him. He was totally blank, not knowing what to do, his face rose pale into ruthless consolidation. He walks off the aisle. Later that afternoon, he overheard the manager talking to his friend who was with him in the cafeteria, thanking her for her help, she created a falsely wicked story of him in order to get her onto the team, clearly, a trap. He tried to talk to the higher authorities but nothing worked as this was a sensitive issue, she made sure whosoever he tried to reach would turn a blind eye towards him, he was escalated from the company with a black mark for a mistake he didn’t even commit.  Feminine power was just used in the wrong way, one has to always have his third eye opened and be cautious for every step he takes.

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