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The Race Plot


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Imagine I put a box of luxury chocolates before you. I tell you, if you need them, you will have to rip a piece of your contentment and self-evidence and surrender it to me. Looking at the chocolates, you are prone to fall into temptation and agree to do so. Days later, the chocolates do not matter anymore. But the fact is, you are losing who you actually are. You know you are no less than a robot listening to commands and hustle maniac. Welcome to the corporate world.

Let me tell you a tale of the two. Keeping myself anonymous, Mocha and Latte were two billion-dollar companies set up all throughout huge metropolitan cities in the country. The talk of the town, these establishments were rightly owned and run successfully under huge sales tactics and the consumers loved everything they produced. The former being the company I joined as a beginner, was quite impressed with how the corporate world functions. Let me introduce you to Bobby. Bobby is a strategist, my team manager, and a grumpy young lad. I managed to impress him the first day. You know this is important when you enter the very rung of business culture. Days passed, months and years. Traveling through the conscience, let me take you back in time.

As mentioned earlier, Mocha and Latte were two highly competitive industries in the enterprise culture. Running into errands, the latter decides to increase customer profits compared to its former counterpart. Evidently, there appears a new product in the market. Consumers fell head over heels in love with the release. There is everything normal in my narrative. But let me tell you.

Weeks after Latte flossed the markets with profits, customers were inclined to try their other products as well. Keeping this into perspective, Bobby summons an immediate team meeting. The board of attendees is set. Suggestions keep flowing as to how to win the battle of virtual currencies revolving around the bandwagon. Bobby suddenly stuffs the meet with silence. He sent along with a sheet of objectives mentioning steps to be foreseen further. The designed process contained everything harmful to humankind. From MSG to sulfate. The government has its share. Without a second thought, things started gearing up for the new launch. The produce was lustrous, engaging, irresistible, and moreover, cost-effective.

The gimmick these corporations play risking the consumers is devastating. No wonder I lost my job, fallen to the road, humiliated because for once I stood up for what is called ethics. Mocha later overpowered not only Latte but the whole consumer industry. Lives are at stake. Protests take place. They end the place they were started. Things set to stay normal. After fifteen years, I write this story realizing the youth pictures the corporate world to be a pool of ever-growing trash, where you risk your ethics, morale, patience, and your whole self for a box of chocolates.

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