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There is no doubt in seeing millennials rushing towards corporate establishments in surreal outrages, not focusing on the rupturing scenario these gateways are home to. One such dark lace was seen in a software establishment set up in Mumbai, a twenty-five-year-old man, Surya, found himself in.

Later in mid-September, Surya was sent an appointment letter which mentioned that he joined the office the following day. Thrilled to bits, the man starts his metropolitan opera quite sound, moreover, monetary satisfaction. What draws the attention towards corporate work spots is that it offers a ransom, let’s assume most of the time. Getting back to Surya, this man was a BTech graduate and a very skilled individual. Impressed by his work, the team gradually started imbibing him into the workload, followed by unrealistic deadlines. The start of anything does not seem tiring until there reaches a point where you are left with no options but to press the trigger.

If not for getting into the good books, the former wasn’t really into licking any team leader’s foot surprisingly. The +1 ups the game only when you tie a break of butter cookies to any assorted team leader, otherwise, you know. Richie ripe stealing numerous in-house money stash is more like a money heist, but into the pockets of your head. Days passed, stress too. Surya has already surpassed his deadlines of getting promoted which was quite getting on his nerves.

The hidden truth is, another female audience, who joined weeks after Surya did, just passed the bandwagon of getting promoted, nevertheless, Surya was fifteen times more efficient, complete as many as a heap of deadlines, knew the office better than his counterparts, but wait, recommendations and tic tac toe souvenirs majority defined who got promoted, and who did not. Running through the rails, Surya raised a question as to why he stayed in the same rung for a consecutive year, for now, the team leader quite got off telling she owns better communication whatsoever.

The truth is female dominance. We do not know for sure what Surya was denied a promotion, but what we do is the corporate world comes with a heavy tusk behind your back unless you are ready to compromise on your own worth, just the way Surya did. Circumstances might look like sugar-coated vanilla balls on the outside, but this is the bitter truth. After this reveal, if you know, you know.

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