BulletinThe Monogamy.

The Monogamy.


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The corporate world is no fairyland as everyone assumes it’s a great place for a person to grow professionally but sometimes things go downhill. One such event occurred this way.

It was a fresh start-up company in the city of Mumbai, the CEO of the company was a really stern young man and for some reason was rude to his employees. The company was in search of new talent, out of all the applicants one such applicant was Fida, who was a young, beautiful woman. The CEO of the company immediately hired her, potentially portraying a softer context, Fida and the CEO had some kind of chemistry going on between them. All this was a clear sight for the employees working there, it was hard to digest the fact that CEO was seeing another woman when he was already married to someone. Fida and the CEO had gotten much more closer to each other. Her bond with the CEO made her gain a lot of arrogance she believed no matter what she did it was always right, even during the meetings she pays zero heeds to the manager. One fine day the former got into strife with one of the employees in the parking slot, she was drunk and had bumped into his car but instead of apologizing she banged a ruthless conversation with the latter. He took this matter to the CEO. He remained quiet and decided not to utter a word. Guess who got punished? The next day the man has fired the reason behind it is pretty astonishing when she was questioned as to why did she bump his car and also why was she drunk, she denied both the statements and blamed the employee instead, she further false raged him stating he tried to harass her, she ran to save herself and tried to get away in her car but failed as his car came his way and she bumped it, the person was called to the cabin and fired immediately, he failed to prove his innocence as there was no witness and no camera as such, sadly he lost his job for a mistake he wasn’t responsible for. She continued her tantrums at her workplace, the only person who had the audacity to stop her was the CEO, but he was already head over heels in love with her. Days passed she just got worse day by day, she manipulated the CEO, all happenings in the company were looked after by her, she even reduced the pays of all the employees and made them work on weekends too. She did all this to satisfy her greed for money and fame. In addition to this, she wasn’t well versed with the company’s process. She made haste decisions and lost many clients, leading to the loss of the business. The entire company was snatched away by the government as they had gathered strong proof against the company for labour abuse, the company lost its existence, and CEO was blamed for his carelessness, Fida was taken to custody. One small mistake of the CEO for falling prey to someone wrong had made him pay a huge amount, also his infidelity made him lose his wife, employees were on streets with no jobs, she just didn’t destroy her life, but everyone around hers too. If the man reacted the right way the company would have been safe along with its employees.

But what went wrong? She bamboozled the CEO which cost him his company. Trust is an important factor, but blind trust leads to destruction, treating your employees the right way and with respect leads to the success of any organization.

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