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Corporate life is a heaven on earth as everyone thinks, but the moment things flip the entire place turns into a living hell.

Tanuj had joined an IT-based company in Delhi, he made it to the company because of the cult he put in through all the four years of his course, he was smart and the only student from his college to get into the company purely based on his skill set. The project he developed during his college was a show stealer and another reason he got hired was because of the project he had created and all by himself. It was Tanuj’s first day at work, anxiety pulling him down. He made terms with the team leader who wasn’t pleasant enough towards him. He started off his job at the company, he gave impeccable deliveries, at the time he entered the company’s process had a few bug issues, Tanuj cleared all of those within two days, his seniors were pretty impressed with him. Days passed, his interaction with the team leader was almost zero. Every time he tried to start a conversation with the team leader, he sometimes manages to get away without taking it any further. Tanuj’s success was a hard witness but most of them. It was evident that he had developed some kind of grudge towards him, anyways he didn’t like Tanuj since day one. One day the team leader along with two of his friends from work had played a nasty trick on Tanuj. When he arrived for his work in the morning, he found his desk far away from the rest of the team, they placed his desk close to the door. When questioned about the changes, they lied to him stating they received orders from the above. He didn’t react much when HR spotted him near the door his position was changed back to normal. When asked why was he seated in such an odd place, he replied saying it was an order from the above as the team leader mentioned, the HR walked away as if nothing happened. Tanuj was in recoil,  the next day when the team head ordered him to sit down and work for the day, the former just followed the ordeal without questioning, thinking it might be some sort of activity, the latter passed mimics every-time he passed the way, Tanuj realized it was a foul play. The next day the team leader took it to the next level when Tanuj wanted to use the restroom, the team leader blocked his way stating that the restroom wasn’t meant to be used by him. Tanuj was upset with all this going on with him, he took this matter to HR, he immediately barged towards the team leader’s cabin and held him by the collar and brought him to the crowd and questioned as to why was he trying to destroy the company’s name by treating the employees in an absurd fashion, for which the team leader said he grew hatred against Tanuj because of his skin complexion. Yes,  Tanuj was dusky and the team leader couldn’t stand the fact that a dark complexion individual was too up-skilled and praise-worthy. The HR was shocked on hearing this. He immediately escalated to the team leader.

Racial discrimination exists everywhere, even at the workplace, which just makes it so hard for the employees to work with a mind of thought, but thankfully some places choose to take the right step when it comes to inhuman contrasts such as these.

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