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Corporate life looks all fine and shines when you view it from the outside through a window until you step inside and know all the gamble going on. With the increase in the number of women employees in the corporate world, their safety still remains as a question not just there but in any part of the world, deep down inside women working in such sectors are always worried about their safety be it any time, one such incident goes this way.

A girl named Sana had just joined an IT company based in Bangalore, knew nothing about the tactics of a corporate world for all the innocence she carried. As good as her resume,  she got placed on the fourteenth floor. Sana was great with her job, she was in a good place until, the next day, the entire staff began to treat her less as a slave, the team leader used to load her up with tons of work, it even went to an extent where she was asked to serve coffee to the entire team, not a single soul stood out and spoke for Sana, during lunchtimes they never let her finish her feed, guess what, the reason behind all this is pretty shocking.

One day the team decided to have a team party on the coming weekend with all teammates in a hotel, everything was planned, Sana decided to join. On Saturday when the party was in place, everyone had arrived at the hotel, everything seemed to be normal with all the teammates partying and grooving to the music Sana too was having her time but what happened after a while is devastating. The team leader pulled her aside and asked her to sneak in with him into a room, Sana disagreed with him, she walked away in dismay.

The team leader’s ego was hurt, he was all raged up because of this, Sana had to face such bullies, Sana took this matter to the HR she replied back telling why didn’t she do what her team leader wanted her to do, the HR defends the team leader telling he just wanted to spend some quality time with her nothing much Sana had no words.

She went back to the floor, she was called by her the former for a one to one meeting, Sana began to tremble with fear she convinced herself and walked into the cabin, the man looked at her and passed a smirk, he spoke to her regarding her job and he ended the conversation by saying if anyone has a mindset to survive with peace in the company they had to obey for anything a senior says, Sana walked out of the cabin with tears rolling down her eyes. Later she was removed from the project and thrown into a smaller department.

The irony is even a woman that is the head recruiter asked her inappropriate questions, the head recruiter and the team leader are always on the same team, juniors were always shifted to a lower team if they failed to agree to do what they ask for this remained as a tradition from a long time.

Even during the interviews they “scoop” for good looking women and puts them all on the fourteenth floor amongst their teammates who no matter what will stand by the side of the team leader, Sana was unfortunate to go through all this she was made to face a bad consequence, She kept trying to reach the other seniors from various departments but failed the entire company knew that the team leader was “The Lord of harassment”, had to give up at the end and had to settle for the low paying job which the team leader shifted her to.

With such men present in our working place it’s sad to say women just don’t find it safe at work, they even stop working just to avoid any sort of an encounter with such lunatics.

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