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Volvere Solution By Ankit Shah


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Trust me all of us in our life have at least once thought of starting our own firm joining hands with our friends, be it a cafe, a clothing brand, and whatnot. It’s not as easy. The efforts and processes that go into bringing up a company are vast, one such person is Ankit Shah,  founder of  Volvere Solutions, the aim of the firm was to bring in the goodness of great experiences in the IT service industry throughout the nation.

Ankit Shah always had this unquenchable thirst for knowledge, when he was eight years old, he was much aware of the richness technology carried, and in his tenth grade, he developed a few websites and applications. He always believed in technology as the biggest gift to humankind and the power it had to create a huge impact on all of us. At Chasurat University while he was pursuing his degree in he got introduced to Abhi Savadiyawala, another curious mind who always wanted to do something totally out of the box and urge to explore IT life with a totally different view. Ankit and Abhi decided to start a startup with a vision to build India’s largest community filled with astounding people who are passionate about technology, humans and the impact created just like they were. In the 6th  semester, they were providing internships to the 4th semester. The team that they created was busy conducting projects, hunting for new team members, exploring new ideas, leading the startup, everything that should be taken care of while setting on a new venture was looked after by the teammates. After proper research and hard work, they slowly started earning people of their same kind, who were insanely passionate about technology and its impact, the team began to grow day by day, one among them was Deepali Shah, she was filled with energy, enthusiasm, and passion, all the qualities that the team required. Another person who joined in was Jeel Doshi, she was equally passionate about things and the plus point was she already had one year of experience with Volvere Solutions, as she had interned a year ago. She was a brilliant graphic and her skills include UI/UX designer with exceptionally hard-working nature with all such qualities she definitely made it to the team. As this team had somehow earned a good reputation amongst the student committee in the college, the government of Gujarat provided the team with an impeccable offer to him, to work with a start-up in the state, and the next day he was in the team. Meanwhile, the team had already built the startup in the right way using all the right tools and had successfully delivered seven-plus projects, including one project from London. Now the team was in some way experienced and their vision was to do something to humankind and for the nation. As they had just started off, with the help of their college campus, they lacked money and other many resources. Volvere now took a bold step to do something right for the people of the nation and chose not to monetize it. Their pure aim was to provide selfless service to the people and to the nation. Eureka!! The moment Volvere started to think about all the ideas possible as of how to contribute to the country, after all the sleepless nights, tiresome days they finally came up with an idea, to bring all the Indian brands to a single place, under one big roof. It seemed quite impossible as there were easily over more than a thousand Indian brands and their idea also included connecting all the brands on one platform. They had zero knowledge in this type of product development, but with dedication and determination,  nothing seemed as hard as it looked. They worked tirelessly for 21 days straight for the product and the country. They put in all the time they had into this, totally to develop and design the product. Every day was a new task to complete, sometimes the design used to fail, sometimes the code, nothing went perfectly. Getting through all the hardships, they finally launched the app called Know My Brand exactly on the 21st day from the day they first thought about it. They have initially launched the app with exactly 562 brands to give tribute to our great leader Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. Few highlights of the app are, you can directly from any of the stores and one can easily refer the stores to your family and friends and many more features are available. You can download the app right now by clicking on the link given

This is the best example for nothing is impossible when you have your friends by your side, the company never disappoints its customers. They believe in visions coming true, it just needs some hard work and dedication.

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