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Start-ups are not as easy as everyone assumes them to be, the work and efforts that go in are immense. The success of any startup is purely based on the talent and tons of effort that goes in for building the entire start-up.

In India presently, start-ups are gradually turning out to be the face of the business world. Neeraj Jaiswal is one such person who successfully made it through all the hardships that life threw at him, now he’s the CEO of VINAYAK ELECTRICO SOLUTIONS, with a whopping 12 CR turnover FY 2016.

Neeraj Jaiswal was a bright student during his +2 which was in the year 2006. He scored a pretty high percentage and with that score sheet, he got himself admitted to an Institute in Kota, Rajasthan.

His life there didn’t seem like it went on the right track. Leading to this, he failed to reach his own expectations in the field of academics, he was also upset about other miscellaneous issues he was facing back then, which lead him to depression.

He was taken to a therapist, where he was prescribed sedative pills to bring down his mental pressure. But with the use of these pills, things got a little bit out of hand, as he was addicted to those pills, which wasn’t a good sign at all. This made him go back to his hometown from Kota.

He wisely made use of his time that was available with him, by preparing for IIT’S, he also got himself admitted to another University and chose to BA, present in his place, just to avoid the situation of a year dropout.

He had to undergo treatment for depression for two long years under a team of neuropsychiatrist and clinical psychologist staying with his family itself and when he was slowly getting better he prepared thoroughly and got himself enrolled in IILM College, Greater Noida- B.Tech and chose ECE as his course in the year 2008. But again depression hit him back, along with this he faced a lot of pressure from surroundings & family circumstances, the competitive nature present in the college surroundings created a hard place for him to survive.

When taken to his doctors, he was told that he wasn’t cured totally of depression and his addiction to the sedative pills didn’t reduce. Following which he slipped into a coma in his third semester of B. Tech and several times hospitalized in the ICCU ward. The doctors discussed with his parents, tamers, all his teachers and the other staff of his college and convinced all of them as to it wasn’t the right choice if he continues to study, as it’ll create a huge pressure on his mind, which will, in turn, affect his health, but in spite of all these circumstances he still fought back, he wasn’t ready to drop out from college. He continued to study but in his own safe ways, with the help of a few of his friends, he completed his engineering, by clearing all the backlogs, he scored an average percentage, but somehow made it out. He struggled his way out.

Once He challenged his HOD that he would be the first student in his branch to have a job in his hands after the declaration of his final results. Due to his backlogs and average percentage, no placements came in didn’t favor him. The jobs he got selected didn’t even pay him properly, few jobs paid him as little as 7k, his highest salary was 12k, he wasn’t happy with this lifestyle.  So in 2013-14, he decided to go back to Lucknow.  He decided to join the struggling firm from his materials and converted it into a PVT limited company, he decided to achieve a target of 10 CR turnover FY 2015-16.

Due to some nozzle jangle, he decided to get himself separated from the maternal’s business and build again a 100% proprietary firm named, Vinayak Electtrico Solutions, in the end of 2017 he partnered up with another firm called Durga Energy Solutions PVT limited and since then he has no time to spare, they are totally engaged in providing sale solutions and services for almost all types of domestic, commercial, industrial and solar equipment and spares and other energy-saving components and electrical protection.

As the target was set by him, the company successfully achieved a turnover of 12 CR FY 2016. He also started three more firms and ended up achieving 20 CR cumulative TO in 2017. He was on the path to the highest peak of success. But last year again hit back and hospitalized and was advised for bed rest for an entire year and this year has been badly hit by the pandemic.

In spite of all this, the company stands at a 3 CR turnover he is also planning to start PVC pipes and conduits manufacturing by the end of 2020 if everything goes right. He thanked the moral supports and stands to his tamer Mr. Ram Ji Jaiswal (maternal uncle) whom he called Daddy.

His story is a perfect example for the youth of the nation, even after facing the hardest part of the life, he bounced back stronger and bigger. He successfully brought up his company, which is earning huge profits with every year passing by.

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