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Furn Bambu Pvt Ltd – The world is done looking at the same old ideas and creative thoughts put to use again and again, now all it demands is insanely innovative thoughts that haven’t been put or thought anywhere before.

Start-ups have become a huge market now, with youth building new start-ups with their fresh ideas and creations, these are the kind of start-ups that have a long way to go. One such firm is Furn Bambu Pvt Limited, Bamboooz is the Brand name, founded by Indrani Mukherjee and Samrat Saha, hidden desire for a green and renewable solution to all structures & products was responsible for the formulation of the company.

The company is a green start-up that is into designing and manufacturing 100% biodegradable, environment-friendly products. Its primary brand Bamboooz is into kitchenware, tableware, personal care, and household items.

It manufactures products like Bamboo Chopping board, Skewers, Bamboo Cutlery, Bamboo and Wooden Kitchen Tools, Bamboo Bakeware, Bamboo Laptop Table, and Bamboo Platter. Bamboooz is a brand that consists of highly skilled engineers and artisans, the company is dedicated to providing designs that are Value-added sustainable green Bamboo building materials and architectural structures.

The use of bamboo is not just because of the aesthetic beauty it carries, but the longevity it provides is more than a hundred years, with the pollution levels reaching the red alert zones, it’s better to shift slowly towards the greener side, which is not just good to us but also great for the planet as well.

Bamboo has served us in various ways, but in this scenario the company uses bamboos to provide artisan designs and other green buildings, a bamboo not just gives an elegant makeover to a building, but also it provides strong protection.

Bamboo as of how many people know is it’s a major role in the paper industry, apart from that the use bamboo can be witnessed in a vast range of industries. With depleting forests and animals losing their homes, bamboo can be the greatest gift to humanity, as Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing grass, harvesting Bamboo can in-turn save our valuable forests.

The tensile strength Bamboo is much greater than mild steel itself, it’s highly versatile and can be used to make structures, building materials, flooring, roofing, and many other things. The entire planet is slowly submerging under plastic, if not now, the entire planet will be doomed if the use of plastic isn’t put to a stop. For plastic to vanish totally from all of our lives, we need to find an alternative for which Bamboo is the best option to choose from, to replace plastic products, non-renewable and other toxic materials. Innovative and sustainable Bamboo products drastically reduce the materials that end up in landfills.

Over the years Bamboooz is responsible for various types of Bamboo Structures in India like in IIM Bangalore, JANCASR, TTD, Alchemy-Chancery Pavilion hotel, Bangalore, Total Environment& many more founders being Engineers – Bamboooz was formulated to come up with the technologies of building construction, product development, joineries, treatment process, etc of Bamboo and put to use which are accepted worldwide. Furn BambuPvt limited is a DIPP registered start-up.

The company not just aims to generate business but also spreads awareness and possibilities with Bamboo which we have been forgotten over the years. It’s a “ Return to Innocence”  urge which is the genesis of BAMBOOOZ. The company is also providing opportunities to the artisans who are mainly from villages, the company has hand-picked a few talented artisans from the villages and has given them a better lifestyle through  Bamboooz.

At Bamboooz different Bamboo boards are available like Bamboo Panelboards, Bamboo Matboards, Bamboo Flatten Boards, Bamboo Shital Pati boards, etc. The company can also engineer and design structures made out of Bamboo, structures like kiosks, booths are few to mention.

Bamboooz expertise lies in designing & building innovative structures like Rooftop structures for institutions & commercial units, Resorts, Cottages, etc. The company’s aim is to grow 10-20 times bigger within 5 years from now. Focusing on Export market majorly.BAMBOOOZ mantra is “Made in India, Made for India & made for the World”.

The company aims to change the way of construction, which favors the environment mainly, construction with bamboos gives an elegant look and provides equal strength to the building. If you want to learn more about their products tap on the link provided here

A change is much required to the world presently, if we continue to extensively suck out all the natural  resources available, we will be left with nothing, we need to stop and find an alternative, and Bamboooz has been doing its bit, the company is definitely going to reach heights for all their innovations and thoughts, for more information

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