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This is the success story of Xcubated Business Solutions Private Limited set up by the founder and the managing director Mr. Praveen Nair in the year 2018. The private limited company comprises seasoned professionals with exposure to multi-geography, multi-culture, and multiple industries.

Since the establishment itself, Xcubated Business Solutions Private Limited, the company delivered future-proofed abilities and solutions to different clients in diverse sectors. They focus on Advisory Services & Consulting, Digital Transformation, Cloud Migration & Operations, Nextgen Innovations, and XBS Fusion©.

Xcubated Business Solutions offers management consultation, smart city advisory, CSI, OCM and Governance solutions, IT strategy development, and product consulting. Under advisory and consultation services, XBS provides IT Process, business process, and ITSM consultation services.

Their major contributions in Digital Transformation are Digital Platform Development, User Experience Design, Mobile App Development, Robotic Process & Run Book Automation, ITSM Tools (ServiceNow, Cherwell), and Digital Ops.

Besides, they offer services around cloud strategy-based transition roadmaps, cloud readiness assessments, cloud migration, and its operations.

The services scope of Xcubated Business Solutions has not stopped here. The company offers a wide range of top-quality solutions for global businesses under XBS Fusion©, their initiative to help companies prepare towards reaching the global market and achieve wins through collaboration. This initiative has brought together an eco-system of strong players working together as a close-knitted value network focusing on transforming businesses across the globe. XBS Fusion© offers Business Mentorship, Go To Market Collaboration, Investment Assistance, Operations Consulting, Cloud Infrastructure Services and promotes XBS Corporate Social Responsibility Channel to ensure that the collective eco-system gives its contribution back to society.

Along with its own products and Intellectual Property (IP), Xcubated Business Solutions offers NEXTGEN products and services jointly with its partners. These include innovations in the space of Deep Learning, Big Data, Robotics, Wearables, Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality, Cyber Security Automation, AI / Machine Learning, and many others. 

About the founder

Mr. Praveen Nair has over 2 decades of experience in both business and IT landscapes. Mr. Nair has played multiple leadership roles in different global companies and large professional organizations. He has been an entrepreneur, CXO level advisor, corporate leader, delivery director, thought leader, and many more. Mr. Praveen has given contributions in different sectors and industries, like BFSI, Healthcare / Life Sciences / Pharma, Retail & CPG, Logistics, Manufacturing, IT / ITES / Internet, Automobile, Energy & Utilities, Gaming, Telecommunications, Digital media / Advertisements, and Government.

Based on the vast experience of Mr. Praveen Nair in different industries belonging to different countries/markets of the world, like India, the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, the Middle East, Australia, South East, and East Asia markets, he set up his company Xcubated Business Solutions Private Limited. The company has not only offered in digital innovations, advisory, and Nextgen solutions but also designed innovative automation products.

Mr. Nair is also the founder of Wide Digital, an ad-tech, digital advertisement aggregation, and cloud solutions company.

During his career, he learned many things, like business agility, planning, dealing with the right people, understanding the customers, global and regional dynamics, migration strategies, and the influence of economical changes on any business.

Mr. Praveen Nair thus commented, “Taking the massive leap off to the cliff of a comfortable corporate sector was difficult. However, this helped me a lot to gain knowledge about operating business not only in India but also in several other international markets from the perspective of a firsthand business owner….and through the collaborative approach for client engagements enabled by XBS Fusion©, we are able to generate client & partner interest in our new business model that is well suited for the future.

Milestones of Xcubated Business Solutions

For a period of about 3 years, Xcubated Business Solutions Private Limited has succeeded to make its presence as a directly owned corporate entities in India and in other countries of the world, like Australia, the United Kingdom, and is in the process of establishing a new entity in Europe as well. The company is further taking steps to expand its global presence based on its strong collaboration. XBS currently has partners to work closely for go-to-market needs across the Middle East & North Africa (MENA), Europe, United States, and Canada. They act as an advisor and partner for many startup groups and mid-size organizations. They deal with diverse client requirements and business needs through this collaborative solution approach under XBS Fusion©.

With this innovative NextGen business model enabled by XBS Fusion©, Xcubated Business Solutions has gained its recognition as a leading business advisor and emerging smart solutions provider.

Social Media Handles of Xcubated Business Solutions Private Limited

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