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Scorpion A2Z – Ecommerce Site of Chennai to Sell Apparels and Handicrafts


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Scorpion A2Z-A Digital Marketplace

This is the startup story of Scorpion A2Z set up in the year 2015 by the founder and directional head Mr. HARISH G MANEK. Recognized as a leading eCommerce site of Chennai, the company retails varieties of apparels, handicrafts, and varieties of freelancing services. Scorpion A2Z is also a digital marketplace and a platform for retailing men and women’s wear, clothing accessories, and handicrafts. The company follows the format of a US-based advertisement platform. It lists Scorpion A2Z for acting opportunities, surveys, freelance tasks, coaching opportunities, and second-hand books.

About HARISH G MANEK and How he Started Scorpion A2Z

Mr. HARISH G MANEK is the experienced head of the Scorpion A2Z. He has a demonstrated history related to working in the retail industry. Mr. Manek also has outstanding skills in business, negotiation, operation management, planning, strategic decisions, and entrepreneurship. Overall, Mr. Harish is an SSLC focused and a strong professional in the field of commerce.

Based on the experience of the founder, he has started focusing on online business and thereby, set up his company Scorpion A2Z. His main objective is to hover across assisting job seekers to grab a pool of freelance opportunities and thereby, convert them into entrepreneurship.

Scorpion A2Z facilitates varieties of services in both B2C and B2B activities to promote manufacturers involved in the wholesale production of men and women’s wear. At the same time, Mr. Manek has worked on varieties of innovative e-commerce ideas and consistently strived hard to collect funds from large numbers of investors to bring the idea into the limelight.

According to Mr. HARISH G MANEK, “Right now, our startup ScorpionA2Z is aiming to help large numbers of freelancers, who until now have not taken any sound decision. Hence, we want to guide such individuals towards entrepreneurship. For this, we offer youngsters with a pool of freelance opportunities and help both parties i.e. the one needing any freelancing service or want to offer freelancing services.” Along with this, Mr. Manek and his Scorpion A2Z have plenty of ideas to deal with the biggest challenge of the sector i.e. availing like-minded investors.

Future Plans of Scorpion A2Z to Achieve Success

ScorpionA2Z startup was established in Chennai and succeeded to made its name in the list consists of the top service providers of designer Kurtis, ladies sarees, and other ethnic collections in different regions of India. A prime reason, for which clients across different regions of India have selected our ethnic collections, is that we always strive hard to provide value for your invested money. Our solutions even come with plenty of experience related to it. Later the company started focusing online and since then it is consistently taking steps to establish large numbers of eCommerce ideas and to bring them to light. The company has future ambitious plans and wants to move ahead according to the procurement of available funds.

Therefore, with consistent efforts to help freelancers in the wholesale production of clothes and hard work to find like-minded investors, Scorpion A2Z solely believes that it would achieve success in the online business sector in near future very soon. If you have interests in the eCommerce business and grab opportunities from the lucrative online market just email us at

Social Media Handles of Scorpion A2Z


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