JourneyStoriesBrown Living-An Ecommerce Marketplace for Sustainable and Plastic Alternatives

Brown Living-An Ecommerce Marketplace for Sustainable and Plastic Alternatives


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Brown Living Organization and the Categories it serves

This is the startup story of Brown Living from Mumbai set up in the year 2019 by its founder and CEO Chaitsi Ahuja. It is a type of Indian eCommerce aggregator or marketplace for almost all types of sustainable things. The organization curates all sorts of products, which are natural, sustainable, up-cycled, recycled, handmade, thrifted, and earth-friendly and are excellent alternatives to many other plastic-made products we use at our home.


Brown Living and its listed sellers stock sustainable and free-from-plastic products to provide and promote carbon-neutral, chemical-free, and plastic-free items for buyers. The company has entirely eliminated plastic tapes, styrofoam, plastic containers, and bubble wraps used mainly in shipping-related projects. The organization founded by Chaitsi Ahuja has done a lot for four different categories i.e. consumers, sellers, the community, and the planet earth. If we talk about consumers, the official website of Brown Living helps you purchase truly sustainable products easily to today’s consumers.

With the help of Brown Living, a large number of artisans, artists, craftsmen and small business ventures involved are making sustainable products get a strong platform to supply their products. Moreover, there are many advocates, who aim to promote living in a sustainable way. The organization has many conscious and highly vetted manufacturers and their products to help you build a community. The community thus promotes a plastic-free and waste-free lifestyle to their social circles and peers.

Both the mission and vision of Brown Living remain aligned strictly with the sustainable development goals designed by the United Nations. Accordingly, they work to achieve responsible production and consumption practices with their sellers, take necessary actions to retain climate-positive products to promote a healthy life on land and below water.

How Chaitsi Ahuja Started her Organization

Before starting Brown Living, Chaitsi Ahuja was working for a large retail company, where she was leading marketing efforts sales of processed foods and other FMCG products made for mass consumption. She came to realize that each of these activities resulted in the accumulation of waste products in the oceans and landfills.

While on weekends, Chaitsi engaged in community activities to clean up beaches experience nature walks, she realized that there was a conflict of interest with her nature of work and her being a nature lover. She decided to quit her job to find a way to reduce waste created by her own consumption patterns. She started dedicating all her time to explore innovative ways and means to promote a sustainable lifestyle in her home and for the people of India. She strived hard to search for various products and brands, which are free from plastic and harmful chemicals and practiced zero-waste production techniques. During this time, she also realized that a sustainable lifestyle requires a steady supply of the right type of products so that they can be made accessible to a larger community.

According to Chaitsi, “I always aimed to create earth-friendly and handcrafted products mainstream for both the users and makers.

She, therefore, used her experience in digital marketing, website design, and business growth to create a social enterprise that is the need of the hour. She applied her skills to the appropriate use to bring certain changes in her own lifestyle choices and wanted to influence those around her. This led to the formation of Brown Living – the online marketplace.

Achievements of Brown Living Organization

Brown Living, a social enterprise founded by Chaitsi Ahuja has planted about 400 trees and reduced the footprint of plastic for more than 3,500 consumers just in the initial phase. Until now, the marketplace has succeeded to grow its community to more than 10,000 engaged users across different social networking platforms and approached 1.8L unique visitors on its official website.

Brown Living has included a base of more than 100 sellers just within 9 months of launch and has more than 1200 live products belonging to different categories. These include daily use, décor and recreation, skincare, home care, and fashion items. This helped the team to justify that a completely sustainable lifestyle is accessible and possible in front of the users.

Along with the Inner Circle of the group headed by Chaitsi Ahuja, it has added more than 200 different organizations and brands to operate in diverse industries, like farming, fashion, waste management, manufacturing of raw materials, packaging, and renewable energy resources.

Brown Living and its team is planning to create a network of ethical sellers to build the highest possible B2B revenues for the segment and consult companies needing help to achieve sustainable solutions and zero waste-based environments.

Social Media Handles of Brown Living Organization


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