JourneyStoriesWorld's first Social network with Public and Private Spaces

World’s first Social network with Public and Private Spaces


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CISAPP Online Private Limited

This is the story of CIS i.e. Connect in Single is the worldwide first social network, which focuses on user data and its privacy. The app integrates blockchain to deal with fake information and fake profiles effectively. Blockchain is traceable and transparent, so it verifies the information authenticity and its valuable resources, while produce and distribute any online content in a secured way.

Connect in Single App allows users to enjoy both public and private spaces simultaneously. The users thus create or search feeds, exchange media and send messages in the network. One can experience the ecstatic type of social media platform without any compromise on data security.

Mr. Palem Imran is the CEO of CISAPP Online Private Limited in Bangalore. He and his technological experts’ team has initially started Connect in Single i.e. CIS app as a class project in the year 2018. The project-based blockchain has created a huge buzz that it drastically becomes a leading startup company in the year 2019.

He has a history of working with the services and information technology industry. Based on outstanding skills in Java, Python programming language, HTML, Java, Ethical Hacking, and Android Development, Mr. Palem with his team used lean principles to pivot the model from designing a minimum viable product to launching it in public. The main idea of the entire team was to create a social network based on blockchain and focused on user data and privacy.

How Mr. Palem Imran Get the Idea to Start CISAPP Online Private Limited

The team of Mr. Palem Imran consists of 6 members including him and all were enthusiasts to deal with product management and technical operations. The main objective of Mr. Imran and his team is to start an India-based social network, which will focus on improving small-scale business ventures.

For this, they take steps by using data centers and SMM in India to provide a platform for connecting with the appropriate target audience. The objective was to create a decentralized social network to focus on user data and its privacy i.e. a one-stop platform to set up connections and address the problems of fake details, fake profiles, and use of other social media applications.

The first achievement of CIS was the registration of about 6,000 organic users on the play store that too within 40days to participate in beta testing. Moreover, with promotions, the company succeeds to get 1500 users’ registration in only one day after the app’s initial launch.

What features you get in CISAPP to deal with online fraud

CISAPP Online Private Limited leads by Mr. Palem offers separate private and public spaces in a single app to prevent the incidence of online fraud.  Users can even segregate their online connections and add accounts according to four basic categories i.e. Work, Friends, Family, and Public. This lets users set up separate connections and categorizes the accounts easily with the right audience and at the appropriate time and place.

CIS comes with a feature of private chat to allow users to send self-destructing messages with suitable auto-deletion time. Thus, a user is now free to select the deletion time of his/her secret message. Users can get this feature by a simple SWIPE and gets access to delete any chat by setting a particular deletion time. The deletion is allowed from the other user’s side as well. Privacy is also present and the user identity remains safe always.

The company and its app have included a special schedule chat feature, by which users may send messages to others by scheduling a particular message at any specific time. On the other side, with Tag search feature of Connect in Single App lets you connect with the appropriate audience over the internet.

What are the Milestones Achieved by CIS App Private Limited

The innovation done by Mr. Palem Imran and his experts’ team has achieved large numbers of milestones after the launch of CIS App Private Limited.

One such big achievement in this regard is that approximately 7.5K registered users across the world and they used various features and appreciated the privacy and private chat feature powered by Common in Single Private Limited. Especially, CIS has about 12K of registered users only from Android phones.

Based on hard work and innovation ideas, CIS obtained recognition at India’s Fund Fest as one of the top 25 highest fundable startup companies in India. Secondly, it has participated in the Startup Istanbul among 160K applicants and obtained recognition as one of the top 100startup companies across the world.

The success of CIS has not stopped here, as CIS featured at 18th position by App Samurai in the worldwide top 47 breakout applications. The company is also selected for the New Chip Accelerator in Texas and gets an opportunity to work as a part of Celo Camp in Israel.

CISAPP Private Limited succeeds to become a worldwide leading social media platform to create private and public spaces in a single app, thanks to the vast knowledge of Mr. Palem Imran and his team in blockchain technology and other innovative skills.

Social Media Handles of CISAPP Online Private Limited

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