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An idea that is filling the gaps between the Brand & Consumers with secure and scalable technologies- Ciphercode tech solutions.

As a customer, do you search for maximum products/services information online before buying anything? And after buying?

The answer would be YES.

As a brand name, do you want your consumer to access all the details, they are looking for and finally get directed towards your product/service?

The answer would be YES.

How fantastic will it be if all the product/brand information is available on a single platform only and that too on a single click or scan? Now that is attainable due to the persistent efforts of the torchbearer of the SaaS platform in India. Mr. Venkat Terugu. His 2018 found Bangalore-based startup Ciphercode tech solutions have acquired more than half a dozen businesses and more than 20 businesses are reviewing the use cases.

Ciphercode Tech Solutions is offering – Brandwise a web/app-based intelligent, easy to use, cost-effective SaaS platform – to digitize products and consumer engagement, powered by cryptography, Blockchain, ML, AI, and RPA to serve the brands across the sectors.

It’s not about the idea it’s about making ideas happen

During the decade corporate journey, Mr. Venkat Terugu tried multiple ideas to disrupt the traditional businesses with technology.

As part of the progress, he came out with an idea of leveraging crypto-blocks (a variant of block-chain) to identify physical products at the unit level and empower (digitizing) them to interact with consumers in their micro-moments. (I want-to-know moments, I want-to-do moments, I want-to-do moments, and I want-to-buy moments—that matter). So, He found the company Ciphercode Tech solutions Private Limited in Dec2018 with a vision to be a global platform for brands, to cater to the most advanced and efficient technology.

As per his research and keen observation of the consumer market. Many brands don’t know who their end-customer is, hence they cannot leverage consumer data, preferences, feedback, and subtle insights. Being the digitization, connected consumer and customer-centric personalization are the relevant trends today, not connecting directly with consumers is a massive loss over time for brands, and hence brands spend huge budgets to stay relevant through influences and traditional marketing methods. So together with his hardworking team, they launched a consumer engagement platform for 1st customer De Moza in Feb 2019.De Moza acquired more than 2000 customers through their SaaS platform Brandwise within a month of release. In the words of Mr. Venkat Terugu

“Brandwise SaaS platform is completely disrupting the way Brands influence the consumers. They bring various tech tools between consumer and Brand such that consumer gains the convenience and Brands scale their revenue through consumer smartphones”

After the overwhelming response from the customer, they finally Launched the Brandwise consumer app in both Playstore and App store in May 2019.

The omnichannel experience is the Center of Commerce.

Digitized products creating highly engaged consumers. Highly engaged consumers buy 90% more frequently, spend 60% more per purchase, and contribute 3x the annual value compared to the average consumer. + If you produce and sell millions or even billions of items each year, these assets give far greater reach, as an owned media, than most other media channels. + The brand gets complete control of the consumer experience and gains an opportunity to influence the consumer decision journey with real-time dynamic content. +, Unlike other media, the content is 100% relevant for the interacting consumer.

“Consumer shopping decision making the journey is as unique as each consumer, not missing Brand’s influence at any touch-point is the key for conversion” as shown in the flow chart :

Services offered by Ciphercode via Brandwise SAAS platforms to Brands and Consumer includes:

  • Brand Protection by Digital Product Authentication
  • Leverage digitalized products to deliver omnichannel shopping experience in the digital world
  • Product Promotion by Connecting Products to the Digital World, which enhances your SEO ranking as well
  • Digitalized Brand Campaign to Get Consumer Attention at relevant touchpoints
  • Single Click post-sale experience and Brand Advocacy, through digitized warranty services
  • ML & AI-based Actionable Insights, from the real-time scan data – Leverage real-time consumer behavior data – to improve branding, merchandising, and promotion.
  • Real-time trace & track to Optimize Inventory Management
  • Brand Advocacy & Affiliate Marketing by Digitalizing Post Sales Engagement
  • One-click Loyalty registration.
  • Globally acceptable platform, a partner for brand’s overseas expansions

With a lean but inventive team of not more than 10 industrial experts, Ciphercode is working on B2B (giving Business to another business) business model.

How they are changing the world with their technology

Ciphercode is the first startup having GS1 authentication provider credibility in India. The company has been identified by the CIO India review as a spotlight company among top 20 promising startups for 2020.

Compliance with Global standards, take the future proof journey

Security, scalability, flexibility, and Intelligence is the key pillars of this powerful SAAS platform. Branding is about remaining true to your mission, establishing (and communicating) a unique set of brand values, creating more inspiring visuals like virtual mall across touchpoints, and knowing your audience well would be the future of the Brandwise Platform.

Present pandemic challenges have accelerated demand for our digitization services. We have envisioned and incorporated within our architecture, such that in long term our platform could serve our customers as a core business operational system, without worrying about security, scalability, and cost.

India-rooted SaaS (Software as a service) businesses are in a prime position to be able to address changing software needs. The Indian SaaS market is forecast to grow from $6 billion in 2019 to more than $20 billion by 2022, according to the India Private Equity Report 2020 and Venture Capital Association (IVCA).

“We don’t do everything, we do one thing, which enables everything”​- Venkat Telugu.

Social Media Handles of Ciphercode


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