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Learning and Production of Digital Media just a call away- Chowdhury Universal Entertainment.

This is the story of Mr. Supravat Chowdhury, a teaching artist whose three-year-old venture Chowdhury Universal Entertainment is a booming media production company in Kolkata West Bengal, India.

Chowdhury Universal Entertainment (CUE) is the first Indian open platform that directly connects experts and freshers from media from pre-production to production to post-production to create films in different languages and on different subjects, those reach all over the world and enthusiasts who want to learn and earn more and more knowledge get the opportunity of the lifetime.

Mr. Supravat Chowdhury established Chowdhury Universal Entertainment in Dec 2017 without a penny of funding. He always wants to reach out and continue business globally. In his own words

 “This Doesn’t Matter What I Make But the Matter Is What I Make Is Superbly Outstanding or Not”

He started making films including all types of documentaries, series, episodes, advertisement films in different languages to release them globally. For different genres of movies like action, comedy, drama, emotion, thriller, horror, humor, wit, science, romantic, movies with social messages, educational videos, etc. He wanted to create different actors, technicians, and skilled persons. So he started conducting special workshop sessions of acting and various skills of pre-production to production to post-production.

These special workshop sessions included detailed theoretical explanations and imparting practical knowledge especially while practicing in his different projects. He taught basic and advanced level Acting, Story Writing Classes, Script Writing Classes, Film Direction Classes, Digital Film Making Classes, Broadcasting Classes, Cinematography or Direction of Photography Classes, Film Editing Classes, Audio Visual Editing Classes, Visual Effects Designing Classes, Special Effects Designing Classes, Sounds Designing Classes, Sounds Mixing Classes, Foley Creations Classes, Dubbing Classes, Computer Classes, etc. Thus he became the mentor and trainer for the students in spite of being one of the busiest business persons and creative artists.

The motto of his training is “without proper practical knowledge nobody can operate and complete their entire works into their proper practical fields”. This is what makes him different from other acting and production classes around the city and leads him to success.

More students enrolled in different special workshop sessions, Mr. Supravat not only trained them but groomed their overall personality. A huge number of students got selected for various productions. They became models, actors, and behind-the-camera magicians. And he prepared the three-way street for the company. The film industry recruitment from Chowdhury Universal Entertainment and the talent pool got Several multiple new opportunities for working into the glamorous entertainment fields.

Along with all these the services offered at CUE are:

Film Production Services, Ad Film Production Services, Corporate Film Production Services, Short, Web Series, Commercial And Documentary Film Production Services, Story Writing Services, Script Writing Services, Film Direction Services, Cinematography Or Direction Of Photography Services, Broadcasting Services, Audio Coverage Services, Audio Recording Services, Sounds Designing Services, Sounds Mixing Services, Foley Creations Services, Dubbing Services, Voice Over Creations Services, Film Editing Services, Audio Visual Editing Services, Visual Effects Designing Services, Special Effects Designing Services, Photos Editing Services, Radio Production Services, Video Album Production Services, Video Coverage Services, Video Presentation Services, Cinematic Graphics Designing Services, Photography Related Equipments Rentals Services, Filmmaking Equipments Rentals Services, Recording Studios Equipments Rentals Services, etc.

Thus, Chowdhury Universal Entertainment follows B2C, B2B, B2B2C, C2C, B2G business models.

How far they have reached?

  • Numerous students have completed various special workshop sessions from CUE
  • In August 2019, CUE officially entered the worldwide film festival, “My Rode Reel” with the movie “Sky’s the limit” This is a full dramatic social educational film based on various social and educational messages with numbers of visual and special effects.
  • In June 2020, CUE officially entered the worldwide podcasting festival “My Rode Cast” with the podcasts “Sunday Horror Night Specials – Space Hunters” and “The Psychological Selfies – TLR Perception” These are the official dramatic and social podcasts of Chowdhury Universal Entertainment.
  • In July 2020, CUE officially entered the worldwide film festival “Musicbed Reopen Challenge” with the movie “Human Beings The Unbeatable Force“. This movie is about the losses sacrifices and the most possible solutions during these circumstances of the pandemic and aggression of COVID 19.
  • Official Advertisement Movie Series: THE BEGINNING OF NEW WAY
  • Full Social Official Movie In Bengali: PREMEO BHEJAL CHOLCHEY AAJ

What are their market trajectories?

“The global film industry shows healthy projections for the coming years, as the global box office revenue is forecast to increase from about 38 billion U.S. dollars in 2016 to nearly 50 billion U.S. dollars in 2020”.

With the rapidly increasing demand for reel entertainment and the number of internet users in India, In the fiscal year 2019, the Indian film industry was valued at over 180 billion Indian rupees. According to industry experts, it was estimated to reach up to 260 billion rupees by the fiscal year of 2024. Notably, India has consistently been the world’s largest producer of films since 2007”. So CUE has chosen their market well.

What future holds for them?

“From most of the spheres of Daily life, stepwise, let’s get ready to do the outstandingly amazing, awesome works you never had done before”

Mr. Supravat Chowdhury wants to keep teaching the advancement of the tools of media production and revolutionize the entertainment industry with new talents and enrich the world with his never seen before works.

Social Media Handles of Chowdhury Universal Entertainment


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