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Banksathi By Jitendra Dhaka


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Financial expertise can be a little tiring if you do not know the factors involved in it. Chances are that human interpretation with regard to this subject might take a long time or sometimes even go inaccurate. But, we stumbled upon one such company which has created a storm in the Indian market with the infusion of technology in financial distribution.

Brand Banksathi comprises a dynamic team of entrepreneurs with Ground Level Experience in Technology, Digitally Strategic Growth, Banking, and Financial Services. Their vision is to create 100,000 Financial Advisors by 2020; who will be helping in building a better financial future for un-served India empowered with AI-based technology platform.

The algorithm of the company is very unique; which helps people to make the right financial decisions by analyzing the availability and eligibility in regard to loans, credit cards, and insurances. The company also provides free quick and easy tools to help everyone understand the financial products in India.

In addition to the algorithm, they provide practical financial tips; aiming to increase the penetration of financial products in India, with the thought that “Knowledge leads to better decisions” they wish to enrich every Indian with financial knowledge through articles, videos, and guides in their vernacular. They closely work with financial institutes and regulatory bodies to increase the awareness and penetration of financial products in India.

The reason why the founder, Jitendra Dhaka, started with a proprietorship firm was that he wanted to get exposure to one of the oldest forms of business ownership in India. He started his college extraction in 2009, from a lovely professional university in computer science. From the very beginning, he wanted to achieve big. Be it his teenage, or his college days.

Since his college days weren’t great, he decided to work in the sales and marketing sector of the web product. His entrepreneur journey started from that very point. He was able to pay all his college fees by himself from his very first semester. He hails from a very basic financial background, his father is a farmer. He gets all his exposure from working into four years of his college life. He always followed people who had great vision. Even though he proclaims from a small village, his exposure and lessons learned took his vision to greater heights. He did not attend his college placements too. With the help of two employees, he started his sector.

He established his own IT firm named Crazzle plus which was divided into technology and the blogging part. He generated around 500 million users through his blog about financial technology and educational technology. He generated around 2 million through advertisers like Google ads, Facebook,, times internet, Colombia, and many more.

His interests always revolved around the banking and financial sectors. It so happened that one day, when he wanted to purchase his vehicle insurance, he approached his banker friend and well-wisher, Himanshu Pujari. He suggested to Jitendra that he should opt for HDFC car insurance as the former worked in the HDFC bank, for a certain amount.

After scrutiny; they found out that he could get the same insurance from another company for lesser rates. After deep thoughts & discussions, they realized that people require an algorithm that would fix this problem and also fix issues pertaining to any related topics to which many people had no access.

Hence, with Himanshu Pujari as the Co-Founder, Banksathi was formed.  In between the entrepreneurial stint he has served as the guest lecturer on digital marketing for numerous organizations and educational institutions such as Jaipur Engineering College and research center, LPU as an alma mater, speaker at the round table Jaipur and much more.

Jitendra Dhaka is always open to new experiences and adorns the fact that no one achieves anything great by sticking in their comfort zone. Again to his career front, he was able to open another start-up called – 3 entrepreneurs on the bridges of bigger scope and it depends on you for how long and big you think. His success story was featured on Patrika TVs ‘karobar’ show &

He swears by a simple work on one formula – Do or Don’t do, there is no ‘try’ in-between. Finally, in conclusion, the Award for Entrepreneur Achievement will meet its expectations if it is on the receiver’s end. The unique qualities, the way he meets the needs of organizations, and his repo with his clientele, the employees, and partners is a living proof that he will one day achieve bigger.

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