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De Space – Dev Vig and Akshata Menon


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Start-ups might always seem fancy, but the level of innovation and dedication that goes in hand are innumerable, especially in a country like India, at the cost of social pressure, monetary regimes and to execute through a different onset. Striving against all the odds, DE SPACE DESIGNS stands out. The startup is a full-service, interior design studio committed to connecting visions, ideas, culture, and people with complete regard to a more connection-centered memorandum to design.

The lack of a high-quality interior gap in the market led to the rise of this company with a focus on customized design and catering to the requirements of the clients.

De space offers turnkey interior designing solutions to individuals who dream to have a seamless aesthetic-cum-functional solution to their requirements. Their main focus revolves around space planning, which is the primary concern for any house owner.

Located in Bangalore and was founded in the year 2010 by Akshata Menon Vig, an architect by profession who leads the design process of the establishment, and Dev Vig, an MBA graduate from Symbiosis, an engineer by profession, who has spent more than 17 years in the major spectrums of sales, marketing, and consumer insights. While Dev has mastered the main notch of any successful business tactics mainly consumer psychology that paved the way to achieve highly relevant projects and also highly satisfied clientele, it’s Akshata’s acute sense of space planning and designing that gives De space an edge over their competitors.

While tackling this concern, they soon realized and comprehended that it turned out to be extremely difficult to recruit skilled labor into this field. Orders kept pouring. But delivering into commitments seemed ravishing. So to initially tackle this, they spent a lot of time investing in the right resources, getting people on board who flexed into their vision with their ultimate goal of achieving consumer satisfaction. Undoubtedly, this process withstood a lot of time, but the effort of having a team that resonates with their vision was totally worth it! In the field that lurks the dearth of trust, the company strives to own customers that trust their design efficiencies and spotless execution. They invest a lot of time in understanding their prospective clients before they sign up. As a  result, they achieve customers who understand their intent and approach, leading to the expected quality of delivery.

The company treats every home as unique and refrains from adjusting to standard conventional designs. The designs are prepared after a thorough understanding of the space available, as well as the client’s length perspectives. De space is a predominant attempt to organize a highly disorganized residential interior market. Since day one their primary focus revolves around three parameters customer pavement, space planning, and high-quality interiors. The establishment initially functioned with around 10 people. But today, it employs around 70 members. The organization recently completed its 500th project successfully and has been scaling to accommodate many more upcoming projects. The pioneers are confident and positive about what the future holds for them. They believe that their high-quality, innovative solutions will help them become long-time competitors and enable survival in the industry. The founders are currently working on expanding the glory of their establishments in other cities too. To achieve the former, the first objective on screen is to hire competent resources in these cities to ensure the same quality they have been entitled to. “We will launch our services outside Bangalore only when we are confident that we have the right team to represent a particular city,” says Dev. De space was also awarded as one of the top 15 upcoming interior designer firms in India in 2015 by Homes magazine.

As Dev says “While hard work and consumer satisfaction constitute the key elements, it is equally important to deep dive and understand the market thoroughly before starting any venture. There are many instances that prove that people who start an establishment with a gut feeling that their ideas will work, only to realize that the market behaves differently. By that time, it’s too late to fix your mistakes. This is very important to stay in touch with your consumers, understand their requirements,s and mold and mold, and improvise accordingly. This will help you take logical decisions as an entrepreneur and will also ensure that you are in the game for the long run.”

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