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To start a venture of your own, you need an idea that has the potential to leave an impact on countless people. The only thing that matters more than that is courage and the motivation to step into business, the future of which is, in most cases, uncertain. But what if I were to narrate a story about a start-up that kicked off with a mere website? Would you be willing to read about it, a venture that turned into the largest student community, encompassing all stakeholders of the B-School, Engineering, and Arts & Science ecosystem?

Here we unfold one such story of Ankit Aggarwal, Founder & CEO of Dare2Compete. An alumnus of IMT Ghaziabad, his career journey started with Sapient, post which he worked as a Consultant with Deloitte and also had a three-year stint with Teach for India. Not only is he an intellectual individual but also is passionate about achieving his goals in life, which led him to lay the foundations of Dare2Compete, a website turned business that asserts 90 percent penetration in B-Schools across the country.

What started as an online quizzing platform to engage B-School students back in 2016, has now turned into a one-stop-shop for everything a student needs right from the start of his college to the very end of it. From internship and competition (quizzes, hackathons) listings to business simulation games, college festivals, and a content-rich blog with articles and videos that keep students up to date with the latest industry trends, Dare2Compete has turned into a platform that provides every necessary information under one roof.

As days progressed and newer technologies came into the picture, Dare2Compete ensured that the website follows suit. Thus, every year, Dare2Compete had a fresh accolade in its pocket. Some of these successes lie in line with a self-use technology platform, business simulation games, and online payment opportunities, all of which got incorporated into the website in no time.

With a vision to expand the business across nations, the company now aims to merge geographical boundaries to reach newer heights and imbibe an all-new strategy for growth and development. It would be fair to say that it is because of Ankit’s hard work, perseverance, and diligence that the company today has about 1 million+ active registrations on its site.

To sum it up, Ankit Aggarwal has successfully managed to create a community that encircles the ecosystem of students, colleges, and industry leaders for the holistic development of all stakeholders. Ankit’s unparalleled idea of business is an inspiration for numerous young individuals who believe in their dreams and have a desire to start a venture of their own.

Walking past all stereotypes, his career trajectory paves an unfamiliar, unique route, imparting a subtle lesson to young visionaries, motivating them to believe in themselves and work hard to achieve their goals, irrespective of the results. “Take swift actions and learn to quickly adapt to the situations around you”, has been his motto of life. Ankit had a clear vision and he spared no effort to turn his dreams into reality. It is that determination of his that helped Dare2Compete see the light of the day and on board a roller coaster that only goes up!

Team Bizleaks.in is an attempt of a holistic approach towards media platform, with an aim of fostering entrepreneurship and empowering young undertakers to help build their rung of success.


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