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Cueclad Media Private Limited – A Strong Platform for Independent Content Makers and Artists’ Fans


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Cueclad Media Private Limited Perfect for Commercial Non-film Content Makers

This is the success story of Cueclad Media Private Limited set up by Mr, Sharukh Shaikh, and Mr. Kaumud Pachauri in the year 2017. The company is a technology-based startup, which provides a strong platform for both fans of independent content and independent content makers.

Especially, Cueclad is for ones creating commercial non-film contents while letting them approach fans. Since the launch of Cueclad Media Private Limited in Pune, the company promoted large numbers of singers, musicians, musical bands, composers, comedians, instrumentalists, and many more.

For this, Mr. Sharukh Shaikh and his expert team use multiple tools to help independent artists show their talents and approach both potential followers and fans in an appropriate way. Cueclad Media acts as an excellent digital Curriculum Vitae dedicated solely to almost every type of artist in the true sense.

On the other side, for music fans, Cueclad provides a big library of both video and audio content with diversity in terms of genre, style, and language to make it perfect for all types of individuals. Hence, with the help of Cueclad Media Private Limited, you get a chance to explore large numbers of the latest local events not only in your native city but also in other surrounding cities to avail of valuable recommendations of various events.

You may even follow talented artists of your choice and check the happening venues scheduled to take place in every area of the world. Along with staying updated with various activities, you discover the latest things to take place or perform near your place every day.

According to Mr. Sharukh Shaikh, “With our Cueclad Media Private Limited, you will get the worldwide best event discovery and artist platform right at your hands. Whether it is a comedy show, a live music event, DJ nights, or anything else, we cover all types of Clueclad artists for you and capture the center stage with a spotlight only on independent artists.

How Mr. Sharukh Shaikh setup Cueclad Media Private Limited

Mr. Sharukh Shaikh was well-aware of the universal truth that setting up a startup involves a huge risk. However, he also believed that dreams will never come true until and unless an entrepreneur works for them very hard and fully prepare him/her to bear the risk.

While starting Clueclad, Mr. Sharukh did not put effort to hire experienced developers to design and deploy applications. Instead, he gave priority to the willingness and enthusiasm of individuals to learn new concepts and things.

Willingness and enthusiasm are two important factors, which helped Mr. Sharukh Shaikh to extract real talents from his employees, and later, he guided individuals to upgrade their knowledge consistently. With hard work, Mr. Sharukh and his team succeeded to develop his first app followed by a Clueclad startup with only 2 developers and with Mr. Kaumud possessing sound technical knowledge.

Another unique aspect in the opinion of Mr. Kaumud Pachauri and Mr. Sharukh Shaikh while establishing his startup is that he does not look for a professionally designed office space equipped with grand work desks and amenities to do work.

Instead, he believes that a startup requires an employee, who has a strong determination to learn new things and develop his existing skills. These types of candidates never judge the office space and make sure that they will stick to the company for a long time.

Mr. Sharukh searched for a makeshift office to start his business, like his own home or garage space. In this way, he avoided additional expenses, which may take place while renting lease lines and office space. Accordingly, Mr. Sharukh Shaikh and Mr. Kaumud Pachauri set up a makeshift type of office in the garage at Viman Nagar of Pune and worked by using a broadband connection.

Initially, Cueclad Media Private Limited also does not have any dedicated HR. Instead, the owners hired a part-time HR manager to deal with the workforce of the startup group and human resource-related aspects.

According to Mr. Sharukh Shaikh, “With our idea to work from a makeshift office in the garage, working with only broadband connection and hiring a part-time HR, along with other smart and innovative ways, we succeed to reduce the capital cost of our startup at its initial stages.

What are the Achievements of Cueclad Media Private Limited

Cueclad Media Private Limited has until now more than 40 different artist venues and more than 50 artists from Pune on its platform. The company has recently received the best startup in the social zone at Startup Fest 2020 organized in Pune. The company is further seeking to come up with independent yet original work in the near future, while wanting to achieve traction to expand the platform to many new cities in India.

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