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Entrepreneurship is on the rise and for all good reasons. The availability of environment, funds, adequate information, and educational content in the market has led to the increase in the number of start-ups the country witnesses today. Despite all the fancies and hypes surrounding the rise and fall risks involved in this industry, there is no doubt about the competition and surreal outbreaks it comes with. In spite of the numerous challenges foreseen ahead, there are a number of which have managed to surpass the trend. One of which is CRISISCODE.

Starting in the year 2018, CrisisCode is the producer of Medical ID stickers, which is one of its kind. India is a population of 137 million. An average of 1274 road accidents occur each day. Unless this isn’t a huge number, there has to be some kind of aid and information provided to the person’s family or related basic information. Let’s assume an emergency situation. A rider is on his vehicle. His phone or wallet happens to go missing and he lays unconscious. In this case, if anyone wants to access personal information or would want to contact his family, chances are that they are far more prone to find immediate information.  But, this establishment has reserved to solve this crisis to another level. Using stickers produced by this company, the seeker will just have to scan the CrisisCode sticker through any mobile scanner app such as CamScanner, Paytm etc. This will enable the person to access relevant emergency information through this sticker without internet connectivity in one click. CrisisCode maintains the privacy of riders’ personal information. For women riders, the name and other personal data are kept confidential, instead, the user can provide a friend or guardian’s information which will be displayed when the Crisiscode Sticker is scanned along with the patron’s birth year, and blood group, medical insurance and health issue description.

Founded by Deepak Gaikwad & Shekhar Sankpal, initially in Pune, Mumbai, The main mission of CrisisCode is to make everyone’s daily life safer by providing a safe solution which will ensure survival in case of any road accident. Being superbike fans themselves, they faced opposition from their parents with regard to biking due to the known fact of witnessed road accidents that take place in this country. Upon deep conception, they comprehended that riders do not have any strong proof with them during rides which could help them outreach the emergency contact person, knowing his blood group, etc. immediately. One of their founders, Deepak, happens to bake the outlook with an idea to tackle this. After numerous brainstorming ideas, they finally came up with these medical identity stickers which proved to boon not only for pro-super-bikers but all the people who travel on road. The company solely aims to save the lives of people who travel to and fro every day and most primarily to prevent the loss of lives due to road accidents. This instils a sense of confidence among people that in times of causalities, someone would scan their crisis code and acquire primary information which would save their lives. This product was essentially marketed in the local arena. Off the enormous response, they further built their own eCommerce website through which they expanded their business all over India. In the first quarter of the start, they already achieved orders from the USA and also many enquiries started pouring in from other countries as well. Considering the fact that the idea of this product was new to the Indian Market, they ventured greater thesis to initially create basic awareness with regard to the importance of their product. Contrarily, they educated people about emergency IDs for which they implemented different channels of advertising such as the biking community, Youtubers and local RTO authorities to spread the essence of this product.

As a result of their hard work and unique ideology, CrisisCode was appreciated by Hon. Nitin Gadkari (Minister of Road Transport and Highways of India) the establishment aims in making CrisisCode sticker compulsory for each and every type of vehicle in the near future to make Indian roads safer.

As the owner of a start-up, the key element to achieving a radical increase in the graph is to stay focused and dedicated to your work. Not only work hard, but an entrepreneur must also know how to spend his funds wisely and know places where cots must be minimised.  The company’s major focus must include customer satisfaction and relish in providing the best quality products and services to your consumers. Study the market to know the demand chain, mould and transform your product according to the required environment. Always focus on review and feedback without which there is no meaning to the endeavour you invest in. Technology is something that is storming the current world. To utilise this crate and build innovation lies in the beholder. This will not only create new business opportunities but also serve better to mankind just the way CrisisCode caters to.

Team Bizleaks.in is an attempt of a holistic approach towards media platform, with an aim of fostering entrepreneurship and empowering young undertakers to help build their rung of success.


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