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Startups are slowly becoming the exclusive choices for all those who want to explore the ball of business, with all these choices going highway they aim more on the creative part and innovations, providing job opportunities, making lives better not just for the employees but also the company’s itself. With a land full of talented people, India’s always a growing hub for new and versatile ideas. One such person is Shailendra Mishra, the founder of DESIGNCUT GROUP OF COMPANIES, based in Delhi, the first E-school of India was from the company itself, whose aim was to enable teaching on the e-platforms with more flexibility as well as more knowledge.

The company mainly aims at online education as it has become a vital part of everyone’s lives. Online education provides us the comfort of learning sitting at home. The DesignCut Company took this as a challenge to provide quality learning on e-platforms. They scoop out the best of the best faculty with a head full of knowledge, to reach all the students in the right way with the right information to every corner of the nation. They believe in bringing change is very important in the society because change is an inevitable and major part. In a country like India education has always been a hard box to check in, the company aims to make everyone educated and help them with their career. One of the strongest backbones of the country, the youth, has to be guided in the right direction for the wellness of the country, the company has taken an oath to be the perfect platform to serve everyone who approaches them, providing all the students with self-reliable content. Teachers and students can have an online session irrespective of the locations they come from. The company also provides several mentorship courses to students all over the country depending on their interests at low cost and helps them in building an aspiring career. They provide mentorship courses for the top twenty career options, they concentrate on the most promising courses which can provide a great scope of employment to the youth of the nation.

The most recognized course among the twenty courses is DRONE OPERATOR, the career of a drone operator is increasing widely. It doesn’t require much educational qualification, also the demand for this particular field is reaching heights day by day. They’ve also provided platforms for drone exposure which as Droneyuga, Which covers DroneEd and Drone tech. They additionally provide other courses other than the top ones too, based on one’s interest one has to choose a course and dive into it. The company has received a pretty good response from their present students, especially during a time like this with the world falling into parts, students have been given a lot of free time, and the company has been reaching out to them and providing them with courses, to make the best use of the time available.

It’s surprising to know that Shailendra Mishra was a mechanical engineering dropout, he never let that come his way, he has been successfully heading five startups, and also penned down two books out of which one is the best seller on Amazon. Geeta for Business, being his third venture is a beautiful book, the book is based on Bhagavad Gita teachings, he talks about everything that could be gathered from the Bhagavad Gita and apply it to entrepreneurship, he has written a total of 54 chapters in his first part of the book and his second book is still in the process which will contain 54 chapters. He has conducted more than 150 workshops related to various fields in different parts of the country, he also took the initiative to train students in specific fields for specialization, and he’s also conducted ten talk shows across many places.

He started a website called the Engineers Shop, which is a platform providing DIY ideas related to the field of engineering and other projects and also providing the components required to build the projects, the institution conducting these projects has to bulk order the components in the same way TES is nothing but a physical store to reach out to students who have the project but the places they study lack the required components to build it so stores will be set up in the campus itself for the students to buy and build it. TES has received around 2000 orders, he has also collaborated with two reputed colleges.

Adding one more feather to his cap he is the founder and initiator, of Golden egg, said ” India is a country full of talent and opportunities. It’s only the right path and the right platform which seems to be missing, the idea behind the Golden egg was to provide the right direction to the deserving youth who think big and aspire to grow big in life. It connects budding entrepreneurs and bootstrapped start-ups with investors who like their respective business models and wish to invest in them”.

With minds like these, India will achieve global domination, with the youth of India being trained to perfection, there’s no doubt that India will make it big in every field and every place of the world, all this will be possible only with the flourishing of companies like DESIGNCUT.

Team Bizleaks.in is an attempt of a holistic approach towards media platform, with an aim of fostering entrepreneurship and empowering young undertakers to help build their rung of success.


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