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AutoBrix – Founded By Prathibha Shalani


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Every big company established today erupted off as a start-up. With the growing demand for goods and services produced in the Indian market, there is no second thought if it’s a hit provided, you know the grind. Bangalore being a hub for numerous start-ups, witnessed another superficial establishment named Autobrix. This corporation not only started off like any other but also snug out of the box.  As per the IBEF’s recent reports, the Indian auto industry is the fourth largest in the world, with 26.27 million vehicles being sold between the span of 2013-2019. Consolidating this as an opportunity, India witnessed one of its finest automobile portals be it sales or services and this is one such story. With the addition of multiple auto services to its portfolio, formerly known as ‘cleanser car’ was rebranded as “Autobrix” to justify the service parameters.

Autobrix provides auto services to their customers at the convenience of their doorstep be it their home, office, or any other location the consumer wants. They are a team of trained, experienced, talented and passionate professionals fixing modern-day automobile issues at peak ease. Founded by PRATHIBHA SHALANI, initially in Bangalore, now had branches all across the country including Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Gurugram, Hyderabad, aims to expand in another 100 cities. But, this is not what makes them stand out. They crucially saved the environment. Considering that it requires 35 gallons of water to wash one car. In addition to this, the harmful detergent solids create a whole lot of non-biodegradable waste cycles and this damage cannot be incurred. In the era of the water crisis, instead of using 100 liters of water, they used 100ml of the same. Considering these fixtures, they saved around 32 million liters of water through over 3 million car washes to date. Their journey started with Car wash, and slowly evolved into bike services, car services, tire services, etc. we would like to be a one-stop for all automobile-related services. Hence they relied on technology for their grievances. The company revolves around the principle of organizing the unorganized sector of a car wash. The initially hired people who conventionally mastered car washing tactics, later cross-trained them into bike mechanics, car mechanics, tires and battery-related quires, etc. promoted them into supervisors and assistant managers. This not only filled up the skilled labor requirements but also created huge employment opportunities for the blue-collar employees. Even during the covid crisis, this company did not give up. Nevertheless, they geared up to tackle the frontline problem. Taking extreme care for their employees by giving them masks, hand sanitizers, and awareness on the disease. They recently announced germ cleaning inside the car under their new initiative called Autobrix Biowipe, the reason being, car interior is the best place for worst bacteria and virus. They pledge to wipe out germs from your car using Autobrix wipe. They have pioneered this as a social initiative under no profitable gains.

The founder, Prathibha Shalani says she is an ardent advocate of problem-solving driven by intellectual curiosity to find answers to the most pressing questions. Whether it requires finding a perfect process for a bank or a backend technology for the start-up, she has been able to quickly uncover a customer’s primary requirement and identify a strategic solution. She strives to bring customer-centric mindfulness that enables firms to innovate and thrive.

The founder further adds the acting that with the change in lifestyles, burgeoning middle-class, and dramatic rise in car owners in the country, there is a huge potential for supplementary services, such as car cleaning and repair using disruptive technologies, besides providing auto accessories. With witnessing huge growth in the bike service sector services unit too, the company sees itself as the market leader in this sector.

The primary focus of any start-up must be to meet the present requirement of customers of your country, address the situation with utmost innovation and consumer satisfaction is the ultimate need of the hour. This is why Autobrix is undoubtedly the leading chain of automobile services in spite of striving competition. The constant problem-solving ability of the pioneers has been the key factor for the success and on a loop of the establishment. Catering to millions of satisfactory individuals keeping social issues in mind, the corporation stands tall.

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