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Digital education is the primary concern India is currently tackling. The old conventional way does not fit into the current world any longer. If not for digitalization, Indian education itself focuses on rote learning rather than comprehensive skill. With regard to this, survival in the market becomes stiffer. Millennial ecosystem demands newer innovative techniques to shift their perspectives and center into their aspirations. One such honorable mention among the people who pledged to change this convection is AIDoings Research Private Limited. Early discovery is key when it comes to helping young readers achieve their potential in the classroom. Many schools still rely on the traditional combination of standardized assessments, comprehension tests, and teacher observations in the age of the 4th Industrial revolution when it comes to evaluating reading. These can be very effective, however, often require large amounts of time and consequently delay the all-important interventions and personal attention. This establishment comprises of dedicated individuals with various backgrounds and experiences with a sole concern to deliver joy to children by tracing paths to discover their joys and follow their dreams. AIDoings as a team is inching towards redefining the Education Ecosystem most suitable for the young.

Founded by Mr. Uttam panda, a technology enthusiast, Globetrotter, Photographer & Dreamer. The company started off with a vision to create an impact. With this regard, the founder set out on a journey to set up a platform that could solve or redefine the current education system. More than employees, any initial organization would require people who always question themselves as if they owned that company, “What can I personally do to make this place even more awesome?”, employees who deeply care about not just work but all the aspects of a company.  Keeping the causalities in mind, it is certainly not easy to build an empire from scratch, but it is still fascinating. After spending more than 17 years in product design and managing complex product development projects for product and design service companies, he decided to start AIDoings – with a primary goal to redefine the education ecosystem. The company’s mission is to implement artificial intelligence into highly autonomous systems that outperform humans at most economically valuable work which could benefit humanity. They not only attempt to directly build safe and beneficial AI agents for the young generation but also consider their vision successful if they are able to generate the desired outcome. Their journey so-far has seen growth and downfall with regard to the ongoing pandemic, the founder says that as an entrepreneur, he nurtured them equally. Now questions might arise, Why an Education Domain? Many experienced delegates of the industry suggested the pioneer not to jump into the education as the technology he held expertise in can bring about great heights in the other sectors like Retail, transportation, etc. but he was very clear from the initial terminologies. He believed that the other sectors can be uplifted if we redefine our education system. Integration of technology with education is very essential to redefine education from the traditional system to Education 4.0. COVID-19 thrown light on the importance of integrating technology into the education sector and consider this essential. Education must serve its purpose in a rather innovative scenario where students would still love to move to their school environment and not hide away from the same.

A basic concept on how this works is, the company identifies all the entries and structural data with the working zone. They further construct models which are reality-based on millions of facial emotional metadata and eyeball tracking data. Information is best understood in context with all the other information around it. The context engine is used to analyze any claim, fact, and assertion. The most efficient means of communicating a complex analysis is through the combination of natural language narrative, a story understandable by all and thus a report is generated. With new research even suggesting that early intervention can help change a child’s biometric, it is important that teachers are given the tools of the 4th Industrial revolution they need to provide pupils with tailored support while they are still learning and refining their language skills. This is where AIDoings emerges as a company that promises to integrate the eye-ball and facial expression of the student when the formers perform the act of reading.

AIDoings strives to redefine the education ecosystem from a very methodical system to variant –Theme/playful-based Education 4.0 where technology is imbibed with education and a new wave gets generated. They are one of the top 20 promising AI start-ups of India within 1 year of survival in the market. They are also a STEM accredited company where their products are STEM certified. It took a lot of courage, planning, perseverance, hard work, and teamwork, combined with a vision to structure the company as it is today. This is the essence of successful entrepreneurship.

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