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The world is a sucker for art and its artists. Undoubtedly, India is the home to the emergence of millions of talented individuals who have left a mark of pride and pompousness to the nation. And one such honorable mention is Vandana Vaadera.  Known for her enchanting voice, it feels like she was eternally born with a musical legacy. Driven by absolute passion, Vandana embarks 24 years of richness in the entertainment industry. Catering to her talent, she serves as an A-grade Emcee/Singer.

Skipping through the mainstream, she decided to accomplish something, for all it asked for, was to step out of her comfort zone, and this did not hold her back. The trend set by the Indian music industry was already at its peak. Speaking about personality, her statement tone has been registered into heights of glory. Her voice is all set to enter the Guinness Book of World Records. Obtaining her degree in B.Sc. (Hons), LLb from the prestigious Delhi University, she also holds a Diploma in fashion design from NIFT. She is also a certified Yoga coach from the Morarji Desai Institute of Yoga sciences.

If this hasn’t left your jaw dropped, then here’s more. Not only did her voice steal the show, but her fashion also swept people off their feet. Vandana Vaadeera is an astonishing fashion pageant coach. She has mentored fashion-related segments such as Fashion Design, Style and Fashion, Design Ideas, Apparel drafting, etc. at the Advance FDCT course through NIFT. Adding to this, she holds the merit for designing and styling the entire spectrum of costumes, accessories, makeup, and hair for the fashion models, and the hostesses, as per the color Theme of the automobiles for Tata Motors and Honda for Auto Expo 2016 and 2018. She also grooms the pageant participants of Haut Monde Mrs. India worldwide, in functional fields such as Fashion Walk, Ramp and Posing, and Fitness. Not only this, she has also groomed participants of the MTV Mr and Miss 7 states. Apart from this, Vandana has judged the beauty pageant, “Aapki Khoosoorti unki nazar se”, for Wizcraft. She has also anchored the launch ceremony of Miss Intercontinental 2019 in India. Vandana composed music for the movie “mere genie uncle” and has also written its lyrics. This list does not stop.

After flooding the entertainment industry, she has decided to spread the essence of the lifestyle and transform the millennial. Her vision is to imbibe confidence in one’s speech and connect the aura, through her aspirations. She is the pioneer of Vanndana Vaadera Lifestyles Training Academy which aims in reaching out to people to help transform their life, her motivational approach has been top notch and this has not failed to attract hundreds of people to fall under her guidance. She proudly holds an experience of spotless 24 years, in the Entertainment, Events, Fashion, and lifestyles industry. This is the only comprehensive Academy, in India, that has several, wide-ranging courses, focusing on completely reinventing your style of Speaking, through speech coaching, content writing dexterities, and Communication proficiencies, via the course called ‘Public Speaking Prowess’. There are additional courses, such as Charismatic Confidence Construction, which help you build your confidence on and off stage, by the virtue of original techniques developed by Vandana.  Besides, it also encompasses a Course on Image building and consulting too.  

On the Holistic side, Vandana Vaadera Lifestyles Training Academy also offers an elite program, ‘Enkindle the phenomenal you, the absolute solution, for individuals, who are seeking answers to the myriad problems in life. This endeavor helps mark her purpose to help people and also transform herself from A Grade singer to a Transforming guide. In addition to this, she has also been certified as a healer with the Maitribodh Parivaar giving Maitrlight under Dadashri ji.

During a successful yet tumultuous journey, she continues to inspire. Vandana says, “Music is the best way to express your feeling”. Vandana has shared the podium with Hollywood stars Jeremy William, John Travolta, Oscar winner Slumdog choreographer Longinus Fernandes, and Stereo Nation. She is the proud recipient of the prestigious President’s National Award from the 1st Lady herself, Mrs. Mukherjee, in the category of the Best Emcee, at the 21st Journalist’s Association of India, along with names like Daler Mehndi, Hans Raj Hans and Amitabh Bachan. She is the only Indian artist to have sung at the Eastern Eye Business Awards, in presence of Prince Charles. She also runs a YouTube channel where she often showcases her talent.  She frequently appears on magazine pages with her motivational content.


Vandana Vaadera has been constantly delivering outstanding performances since forever. Undoubtedly, she registers herself in the hearts of millions of people for her commendable approach, be it her career or her guiding forefront. This is the story of self-driven passion and pure excellence proving to shoot you a long way, unless, you choose to do so.

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