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Technology of the Future


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Would anyone believe if I told you, 20 years back, that we would spend our time outsourcing for huge box-like structures, talking into small compact software-packed alien devices which connect humans from miles apart? You would probably call me a maniac. Well, that’s how far technology has taken leaps in a blink. At this rate, is it possible to predict the future of technology? Are we on the  Edge of robot invasion? Let’s find out.

  1. Automation

Considering to growing plot of artificial intelligence, and machine learning, Hardware robot automation had already taken over many industries. From manufacturing to packing, to processing, to delivery, every small notch will be thrown into automated arms. Sources claim by the end of 2025, 30% of manpower will be replaced with the emergence of automated. This is by far the most practical and awaited outcome of this era.

Manufacturing sectors, hospitals, restaurants, and door delivery services will majorly stay impacted.

  1. Blockchain technology.

This wave is the sequence behind how every bitcoin sector works. In simple words, a blockchain is a distributed digital ledger that records of money transactions made by any number of individuals in a secure and transparent contrast. This is soon to replace the traditional monetary business process. Cryptocurrency will become the need of the hour and also blockchain integration will soon penetrate into government agencies. Blockchain agents will rise into high demand.

  1. Edge computing.

Edge computing is a stronger approach to eliminating the snag of cloud computing. Sources predict that the edge cloud service market will shoot up by at least 50% in the coming years. Companies will further choose multivendor solutions over single vendors due to omnipresent bandwidth and connectivity limitations, edge computing solutions will become mainstream instead of building and appointing their own. This is going to take over retail, manufacturing, and logistics.

  1. Artificial intelligence.

Any technical list is incomplete without mentioning artificial intelligence. This is foremost the trusted, invested, and researched hub among the people of the future. AI is the grounds built to mimic human intelligence very accurately, unbiasedly, ly, and much faster. These cognitions can perform tasks like speech recognition, and patterns, take decisions or even perform a given task. AI is said to eliminate over 75 million jobs by 2035. On the brighter side, this is said to provide higher scope for data analysts and other skilled professionals. Nevertheless, we know for a fact that AI has already reached our fingertips, right on your mobile phone, traffic signals in the US, hospitals, and much more.

  1. Virtual reality and augmented reality.

VR and AR have found their way into gaming and entertainment, flight stimulators, military aircraft arena, and much more for almost around 30 years. Both these majors are extremely capable of marketing, education, entertainment, used to train doctors for surgical purpose, strengthen gaming potentials, up trade marketing, and what not.

Considering the ongoing demand, these elements have nowhere to go but up. The future belongs to those who invest in technology. It is evident that technology might considerably rip off human scales, but also provide a wider perspective to the audience. What do you think the future holds?

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