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Careers Post Corona Bang


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The rise of coronavirus left most of our jobs in sheer disparity. However, the scenario is going to remain similar for at least some time from now. The technicalities would take a U-turn on a huge scale. Companies are financially stagnant. The liquidity of the economy bites the dust. On this note, career opportunities have nowhere to go but down. Artificial intelligence and software turfs are in great demand whereas travel and tourism have seen a bigger downfall. The globally hit pandemic will turn tables for every county changing the way economical jobs work for years to come. Current trends witness over 26 million job drops and this does not stop here. Industries will have to structure and transform to the new shock depending on the demand. Taking the constraints into consideration the following will have to be structured:


Post corona, work from home will fall into the need of the hour. Considering the fact that many industries will still function with this norm, never the less there are still a bunch of orientations that would recliner human force to stay on the field. 68% of occupancies would still flag dominance in their career. Sticking a broader perspective, the company would strive through:

Economical backdrop: The main drive of any company would be to reduce costs. Working from home promotes saving of office space, electricity, travel costs, etc. appreciating the company to minimize funds.

Time strain:  Consider you are on your way to the office. Endless struggles battling traffic, and morning atrocities to get off your busy schedule, add much more to your job draft. Now, considering working at home. On average humans spend 25 days in a year traveling to their workplace. Working from home would put a stop to whiling more time.


The future after this holds unknown casualties some of which are:

SALARY DERTH: Not a new fact that most of companies have invited huge losses due to the lockdown trends. Following this, stakeholders are sure to look into salary cuts or the worst scenario, salary slashes. According to the survey conducted by the economic times, 39% of 3074 people responded saying they are facing salary cuts. The numbers speak for themselves.

MASSIVE LOSS OF JOBS: While salary cuts were not a new issue, there is a severe downfall in the demand chain. To minimize the funds, companies are most likely to fire a part of their employees for known reasons. At this rate, unemployment will touch the graphs into peaks, leaving the economic strata in the dust.

ENTREPRENEURS ARE AT RISK: As mentioned earlier, since the demand chain has procured a downfall, the supply chain will have to run under consequences. At this point, self-built entrepreneurs will have to take an extra step to survive the crisis. Employees, staff, and workers under them will have to be served in spite of the losses faced. Nearly 7.5 MILLION small-scale businesses are presumed to shut down in mere months if the pandemic persists any longer.

TEACHING WILL GAIN NEW DIMENSIONS: With regulars to the education backdrop, online learning will supply a major need. The majority of the teaching portals such as Biju’s, Vedantu, Aaksh online, etc. will bloom into a necessity. Online tech servers such as website builders, and app developers this concern will rise.

COMPUTING JOBS WILL VIEW HIGHER DEMAND: Jobs like cyber security, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning will become the need of the hour giving rise to a new era. They will not only fall into demand but also get you a good ransom. Adding to the advantage, these jobs favor working from home.


Whatever the concern may be, career rungs are prone to change post corona crisis. Stay open to the undiscovered. Until then, save space for your career.

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