JourneyKWIKBOX Quality Services Help Retailers to Earn Massive Revenues

KWIKBOX Quality Services Help Retailers to Earn Massive Revenues


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This is the startup story of KWIKBOX, which is a leading B2B Commerce Company based in Vishakhapatnam. KWIKBOX performs its business operations under the guidance of Mr. Prasanth SD, the Founder and Managing Director of Autent Technology Private Limited. Right from the establishment, KWIKBOX offered outstanding opportunities for almost every type of B2B organization to boost its initiatives towards customer service.

Especially, the startup group directed by Mr. Prasanth SD combines the existing ERP i.e. Enterprise Resource Planning system of a particular organization to provide ideal solutions and display customized product offers, services and pricing strategies according to different login credentials of different customers.

A prime reason behind the success of KWIKBOX as a leading commerce company is that it provides a hands-off solution to its retailers based on automation of the complete process. You can get the justification from KWIKBOX unique value proposition. Moreover, the startup focuses on providing contact less delivery system to both the dealers and retailers.

The best thing about KWIKBOX founded by Mr. Prasanth SD is that adopted an Artificial Intelligence driven and demand driven supply chain to help vendors and dealers to sell their products to other parties directly. Thus, whether a dealer or retailer has to deal with hotel or restaurant owners, hotels, canteens or anything, he/she does not need relying on intermediaries anymore.

Saving money is the major concern for large numbers of businesspeople, especially the ones, who have limited incomes. Positively, with the innovative supply chain of KWIKBOX, both vendors and retailers will expect to reduce the amount of wastage, get assurance of timely delivery and optimization of costs. Each of these aspects not only results in improvement of revenues, but also assures of the security, safety and overall efficiency of the entire supply chain.

How Mr. Prasanth SD Set up the B2B Ecommerce Company KWIKBOX

Mr. Prasanth SD always had his aim to identify the customer problems in detail and apply modern technologies to resolve them. For this, he designed scaled and optimized varieties of product portfolios. Mr. Prasanth also focused on certain key results and hence, he adapted innovative insights in no time by creating amazing teams.

Especially, Mr. Prasanth SD and his co-founders faced many big difficulties because of the less profitable and unorganized retail industry. They even identify that middlemen were controlling the big portion of the entire retail market, because of which retailers have to compromise with less income and profits.

Mr. Prasanth thus decided to setup his own startup to deal with the respective undesirable predicament. With consistent hard work, Mr. Prasanth and his co-founders succeeded to set up KWIKBOX Ecommerce Company in the month of September 2019 by leasing a building in Vishakhapatnam.

According to Mr. Prasanth and his co-founders, “Our main aim behind the establishment of KWIKBOX is to deliver quality service and make other people passionate towards it. We are continuing to work for our B2B Ecommerce unit with the same mission even today.

Until now, KWIKBOX reduces the overall expenditure of a business/company using its services, enhances the retailer’s customer service, increases revenues and sales opportunities and boosts the procedure of inventory management. Customers on the other side, availed benefits based on easy and convenient ways to return their made purchases and to keep a proper track of the available returns.

Mr. Prasanth always put his customers at the top priority. He always takes steps to executive big and unique ideas along with considering certain constraints. Along with KWIKBOX, Mr. Prasanth SD is also the founder and director of Autent Technology Private Limited.

Milestones of KWIKBOX Ecommerce Company

Based on the roles played by KWIKBOX, it has got selected as the best startup company in the retail industry by startup India group and selected for the famous NASSCOM Hyderabad. Besides, the ecommerce company obtained a huge recognition and incubation from the government of Andhra Pradesh. Along with this, KWIKBOX has its DPIIT incubation at the famous NDBI of Ahmadabad.

Therefore, with the top quality of products and services, KWIKBOX streamline the product ordering procedure for both FMCG and retail products, while allow retailers to make the most of the industry by earning huge revenues.

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