JourneyFishEyeBox Inovation Lab – Trying to fit AI in...

FishEyeBox Inovation Lab – Trying to fit AI in your everyday life


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Starting its journey in 2017 by Mr. Pinaki Laskar, FishEyeBox reached a state where it is offering Intelligence and Autonomous as a service in the Artificial Intelligence Technology field. With its headquarter located in Mumbai, India, the company aims to provide Intelligence as a service using AI for all the connected things.

FishEyeBox started innovations using AI, making it a one-of-a-kind startup in the R&D and Service industry. The team consisting of researchers, designers, engineers, and programmers, indulges in innovation that helps in using AI to the maximum extent. The work ranges from modeling a human-like Robo-Driver to an Autonomous Driving system for universal compatibility. Given the circumstances and limited resources, the team functions efficiently to bring out fruitful results. They participate in brainstorming sessions to develop innovative ideas and solutions, useful in wearable healthcare technology, intelligent IoT devices, Bigdata, and self-driving cars.

The solution rendered by the company and Mr. Pinaki Laskar gives them an edge over the other solution/service providers. With the scope of expanding their innovative solutions to different areas, they are spearheading with confidence gained through the successful submission of projects over the last few years. The team aims at making AI more human and connected in an efficient manner that allows it to fit comfortably in a human’s life without disrupting the routine.

The implementation of AI gives a client the ability to make notable improvements and decisions that improve business with reduced losses. The team helps a company utilize the available data to create a model that assists in making distinctive and sustainable improvements. The AI continues to evolve with time, as it continues to gather information.

FishEyeBox offers solutions necessary for building a futuristic atmosphere driven by data. For instance, it creates an environment for collecting data that helps yield high-performance analytics and decisions. The same is useful in getting deeper into the insights, making it feasible to improve at a macro scale. It is suitable for building smart cities where everything is connected.

The solutions rendered by Mr. Pinaki Laskar and his team do not stop at smart cities. They provide services to the healthcare, marketing, media, and finance sectors. For the healthcare industry, the innovation of AI offers a new method of collecting data from Respiratory support systems to Could smartest ECG technology. Therefore, there is a possibility to Reinvent clinical support, improve emergency performance, and find improvements in patient outcomes. For the marketing field, AI helps in designing a product that grows with data collection. With more data at hand, companies have a better stand at marketing using the right tools. It further helps engineers redesign and improves productivity while enhancing asset performance. And for the media industry, innovation helps create a creative AI agent to compose music, find new ways to engage customers, and reimage product development.

What made Mr. Pinaki Laskar launch the FishEyeBox? 

Mr. Pinaki Laskar is a technophobic and considers technology as his religion. He believes that this century belongs to technological innovation, and it affects human life in the following years to come. Therefore, he started designing tools that people want to use – Deep Tech, AI-powered tools, smart devices, and XAI innovations. He is a researcher, inventor, author, speaker, spatial computing savant, and mentor.

His two decades of experience as a thought leader helped him become a leader and speaker at several conferences, worldwide. The AI tech lover chooses innovation and cognitive technology to develop many disruptive AI solutions such as intelligent transport systems, autonomous car systems, AI-based healthcare, and music. He also has experience in wearables with extensive knowledge of AI ethics.

Mr. Pinaki Laskar states that “Our everyday life is all about innovation. In the way, we communicate, talk, play, and interact during our daily routine with our family and friends, in both our personal and professional lives. Innovation is the driver for the AI revolution that changes how we live. Technology is invisible – its dynamics connect you with all gadgets around you.”

Milestones and future of FishEyeBox

The company started with the aim to offer AI as a service, since its inception in 2017. With extensive research in AI, the company uses the technology to find solutions to business transformation, sustainability, privacy, and ethics. It is further involved in R & D projects that focus on affordable Autonomous Driving, developing AI Chips, in FinTech Stock and Credit AI, In Agritech – Aeroponics AI, and Heathtech intelligent Respiratory support and smart ECG.

The diverse nature of the team, with exposure to different skills, helps to think, innovate, and create intelligently to make AI more human and affordable.

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