JourneyEunoia CCD leaves No Stone Unturned to Deliver Quality...

Eunoia CCD leaves No Stone Unturned to Deliver Quality Contents


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This is the story of the Eunoia CCD set up in Bangalore and New Delhi, which was launched in March 2018 by Mr. Prakhar Porwal. The company is an excellent platform for literary, content writing, editing, and content development services. Besides, it conducts varieties of short workshops and literature events. Eunoia CCD is also fully prepared for its upcoming creation to dedicated entrepreneurs to build, shoot and design exclusive stories.

Instead of a simple boutique startup, the vision of Eunoia CCD is to accentuate the consciousness of human beings based on incessant learning with the help of content written and devised by a qualified team. In simple words, Mr. Porwal set up Eunoia with the aim to create dialogues with the help of content.

Mr. Prakhar Porwal is a writer, entrepreneur, mentor, and founder of Eunoia CCD. He has the divine power to come up with innovative solutions for almost every type of problem in no time. The main objective of Mr. Porwal is to deal with the content marketing realities and thereby, create a single solution for content writers and clients. Thus, both writers and clients get a chance to save from exploitation and predatory pricing without any compromise on the work quality.

According to Mr. Porwal, “Our entire team consists of qualified entrepreneurs and content writers have always stayed optimistic about the industrial growth. We have already started providing various services, like book editing, SEO blog writing, copywriting, and various others. We have never focused on earning profits, instead, we focus on teamwork to let our dream come true.

Mr. Prakhar Porwal, the founder of Eunoia CCD has even launched an app with the label APP n TAP in the year 2020. As an innovative app, it intends to appraise and correct the grammar, check plagiarism, and provide the right keywords to conduct SEO tasks. Indeed, APP n TAP will act as a catalyst to executive the appropriate content according to various search intents of its clients and thereby, brings a huge revolution in the content marketing sector.

How he Started Eunoia CCD

Mr. Prakhar Porwal witnessed a large number of disparities while delivering content solutions to his clients. This inspires him and his team consists of entrepreneurs i.e. COO Abhijeet Srivastava, Advisor Devendra Jaiswal, and Business Designer Ria Sardana take steps to help clients directly without any third-party involvement.

Other than vast experience in the content sector, the entire team of Eunoia CCD envisions them to be budding entrepreneurs to identify various loopholes in the content industry by carrying forward the baton of the organization’s founder.

What are the Milestones and Achievements of Eunoia CCD

One of the biggest achievements of Eunoia CCD is that just after its establishment in 2018, the company succeeded to empower more than 100 clients. For 2 years, Eunoia witnessed exponential growth in the content market. In addition, Mr. Porwal, the company’s founder secured 102th Rank in CrunchBase in the entire Asia Pacific region.

Mr. Porwal has also gained recognition among the top 4 dignitaries in Delhi with Shri Narendra Modi, Mr. Deepinder Goyal, and Mr. Ritesh Agarwal. Other than this, based on creativity in developing content, Eunoia enabled large numbers of brands, like Indigo, BMW, Ujjwal Vikas, Shubhbaraat, Eannatto, AsterVeda, KidsChaupal, and many more.

With a huge client base, the company now is aiming to become a strong market leader in large numbers of metro cities in India to deliver top-quality content at the most affordable rate. Eunoia is also on its journey to discover possibilities offered by the intersection of social media platforms and e-learning facilities.

Eunoia CCD founded by Mr. Prakhar Porwal and his team of COO, business designer, adviser, and other content writers leaves no stone unturned to deliver the top quality content to its clients.

Team Bizleaks.in is an attempt of a holistic approach towards media platform, with an aim of fostering entrepreneurship and empowering young undertakers to help build their rung of success.


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