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Starts up have earned a huge place in the world of business. People of all ages and types try to make it big, but it’s not a cakewalk for everyone who gets into it. The amount of hard work that has to be put in is very very much high, maybe some will sustain, but the ones who sustain are the ones who don’t give up and keep trying every day to make it work. One such person is Ajay Kumar Singh, who studied at the Bangalore Institute of Technology, was a civil engineering graduate, and was also the Town Planner from BIT Mesara.  He has also worked for the NHAI project worth 3700 CR and has served four years of his life working for various construction sectors, he gathered knowledge from all these experiences and is now the founder of ECO STRUCTIVE ENGINEERS AND PLANNERS, where the company’s main aim is to make construction as eco friendly as possible.

With the construction industry being the biggest part of any country’s business domain, the amount of contribution from this sector is huge. In this field use of plastic can be seen in a lot of areas, with the world slowly submerging with plastic everywhere Eco Structive Engineers And Planner’s main goal is to reduce the use of plastic and by utilizing the plastic waste for any of their further requirements in the field of construction. The company has evolved to provide construction management services at all stages on a turnkey basis to parallel monitor or collaborate reducing the risks and safety, creating value for the clients that help them to save cost and time on high-value projects. With the motto of zero landfill and sustainability. The company is the first firm of Jharkhand, to be using plastic waste in construction materials like Eco bricks, polymer-modified paver blocks, and tiles. Also, the company also aims to provide EPR compliances for beverage companies. The company is a Start-Up India firm registered under DIPPT, also registered under Jharkhand Government with ISO certification. The company is creating sustainability in the environment, by providing doorstep plastic waste collection by booking through their website for every society, mall, and hotel. Also, people earn cash out of trash in an eco-friendly manner. The company is looking forward to collaborating with malls and hotels to provide cleaner and greener spaces to live in. The company uses all its resources to essentially set them up to explore more creating efficiency and innovations. They have an exceptional team working to fulfill the needs of the clients, with the team including designers, mechanical engineers, consultants, and technical specialists. The company makes sure that they help their clients in solving the most complex challenges and complexities, keeping productivity and risk factors low. The company also helps at various stages of the project which includes, in-depth 3D representation and engineering. The company helps its clients to make the best use of their space enlightening with selections from across the world to meet elegance and low maintenance on the budget by using eco-friendly substances. The architectural engineering group develops creative, efficient, and cost-effective systems to meet the technological and functional needs of their clients. The company finishes your homes, offices, schools, parks, and pathways in the most elegant way. They will engineer best-in-class design and finish the work on time affordably. Engineers of the company contribute to sustainable development along the entire chain of modern production and consumption. The company is collaborating with other industries by creating “eco-parks” or applied industrial ecology. With this approach, several industries work together so that each industry’s waste product can be used as the raw materials for others. This also makes possible more efficient use of waste heating and cooling water and using combined waste treatment facilities. The engineers of the company are involved in local and regional civic activities as volunteers where their knowledge, may be vital to sound decisions. The planning studies on projects are properly evaluated, the engineers seek out different stakeholders, identify their concerns, if any, and incorporate them into the project. Open Discussions with concerned stakeholders have proven to be very helpful even before project feasibility studies and environmental impact studies are completed. The company’s only aim is to provide eco-friendly services to their clients which is very feasible for them, as well as a great choice to save our environment. The company was appreciated by RMC and the Ministry of Housing and Urban affairs. The company was also invited to Doordarshan, Delhi for an interview on the Swachh Bharat mission. The company’s services include providing visualization, urban planning, landscape architecture, waste management, architecture, and civil engineering, you can reach the company by tapping on the link provided here for more information.

The Construction sector is slowly shifting to all eco-friendly components, the company chose the right way to reach the customers with their innovative thoughts and nature. The success of the company is reaching new heights every day, which is a good sign to the company and to the environment as well.

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