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Cloudstay India LLP is an Ultimate Guide to Book Room and Complete the Stay


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Cloudstay India LLP-OTA Company

This is the startup story of Cloudstay India LLP established by its founder and managing director Miss Pooja Mahesh Sawant in Nashik. Cloudstay India LLP is a type of OTA company i.e. Online Travel Aggregator Company, which provides online booking facilities for resorts, hotels, farmhouses, holiday villas, and agro tourism-based centers.

Whether a tourist search for stay facilities according to their financial budget, leisure, or any other type of requirement, he/she will expect to get the best rooms even at a basic price without any type of commission, handling, or service charge.

Cloudstay India LLP always aims to provide you full assistance starting from booking your room to completing your stay and hence, provide excellent accommodation for all travel lovers.

The company set up by Miss Pooja Mahesh Sawant provides a listing of hotels and other accommodations on its official website, equipped with a user-friendly interface. Thus, the website allows customers to use the website effectively. Besides, the Cloudstay website gives you details about the scheduled events in your city.

How Miss Pooja Started her Cloudstay India LLP

Miss Pooja Mahesh Sawant completed her engineering degree in B.E. Civil stream and later on, becomes the founder and managing director of Cloudstay India LLP. She started her journey to entrepreneurship in a different way.

Miss Pooja initially listed the vacant bungalow of her father on different platforms, like, and, and so on. After some time, she realized that the business was providing a good amount of profit.

Miss Pooja Mahesh Sawant started thorough research work on respective businesses and eventually, develops a strong interest to start her own. She later started creating her team consisting of a technical adviser cum website designer of Cloudstay India LLP, while simultaneously, searching for customer care, accounts, and the verification team.

After the launch of Cloudstay’s official website and its listings, along with the staffing of other professionals, Miss Pooja has to deal with another big challenge i.e. marketing her website due to lack of enough capital. However, she used all of her available resources to start marketing and promotional activities on a small scale.

The OTA business of Cloudstay India LLP launched by Miss Pooja gives her a completely different dimension to learn many things about different people, the way to develop leads, and the aspects, which make difference not only in terms of economics but also in her personal lives. She learned many things about the challenges to launch any OTA business and the role of an official website in the OTA business.

Miss Pooja also learned the three pillar system and its specific functions. Especially, she learned about the value of customers, optimization of the website, and making it user-friendly. She even learned the role of effective marketing to grow the business, stay true to you and your customers, security, big data analysis, and affordable price.

Other than the successful launch of Cloudstay India LLP and its promotion, Miss Pooja also strived to achieve the ultimate goal to provide efficient communication facilities to everyone belonging to the hotel industry.

Based on the knowledge, experience, and expertise of Miss Pooja Mahesh Sawant, she also did many things to provide employment opportunities to a big female crowd by keeping women’s empowerment at the top priority.

Miss Pooja commented, “Cloudstay word refers to life in dreams and hence, the name indicates a feeling of safety, as no one will disturb you and you get ultimate comfort related to enjoying your personal space. Along with our commercial outlook, our Cloudstay has a separate social outlook to help many unemployed people in India.

Achievements of Cloudstay India LLP

Until now, the official website of Cloudstay India LLP succeeded to achieve more than 200 vendors, 500 hotels, and approximately 360 websites even within only 3months of its launch. The website has started availing a large number of customers with an overall turnover of 3lacs within only 4 months. Based on the mentioned aspects, the company will flourish in the coming years.

Therefore, Cloudstay India LLP is an ultimate guide for tourists to book a hotel room and to get a complete stay in peace in almost every part of India.

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