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Startups in India are growing drastically, as the brains and talent of the country have been put to use in the right terms. Starting a startup might be hard, but with effort and smartness, any startup is sure to hit the road to success. A startup requires a lot of time and creativity to reach the market and the people. India has a lot of startups, but only a few are running successfully due to many reasons, one such start-up is CARNELIAN TECHNOLOGIES, founded by Shaista Ali, the company offers a wide range of software testing services.

The company is specialized in providing a vast range of software testing services such as exploratory testing, automation testing, security testing, performance testing, load testing, stress testing, mobile testing, regression testing, database testing, API testing, test management, and test consulting.

The software industry always has complaints about the software due for various reasons, the company promises to clear any issues mentioned related to software. The company is also specialized in quality assurance. Carnelian Technology provides affordable and credible testing services within time frames. “Increased use of smartphones and proliferation of mobile applications has accelerated the demand for software testing and quality assurance services across the globe.

Business in this era expects question and answer, software testing consultant to build an effective and cost-effective test strategy aligned with their development models within a limited time frame.

The company doesn’t believe in the traditional software testing approach that includes lengthy report work; instead, they use the latest tools available in the market powered by article intelligence, machine learning, and another internet of things, to increase the rate of productivity, the quality, reduce costs and drive the rate of quality services. Ensuring better product quality with minimal bugs is a crucial task for businesses in the software development process.

However, attaining a balance between product quality and software testing cost is paramount, and it determines the overall success of any software application. The company constantly evaluates the delivery models by continuous feedback from the clients, and they make sure that all the employees are well equipped with all the data up-to-date on using the latest technology and tools.

The company goes the extra mile to evolve with the current testing trends and implement innovative testing strategies to ensure better product quality for all clients. They optimize the working process in such a way that enables them to strike a great balance between testing cost and product quality.

The company focuses on a unique methodology that performs testing more quickly and less expensively while completely fulfilling the mission of testing irrespective of the software development model used. The company’s advanced TestLabs for testing critical software helps them to ensure continuous deliveries to their clients. The company’s team of domain experts works 24/7 to provide on-time deliveries, and valuable testing results using a sound approach that improves quality by focusing on the process that contributes to the quality of the software to ensure the ultimate satisfaction of their clients.

The company also works in collaboration with a lot of emerging start-ups in the industry to add extra value to their clients and help them stay ahead in the market by ensuring ultimate product quality. Also with the help of data science, they will start a lab where they can run experiments to test their different test strategies. By the End of the year 2020, they will be opening their new office in New York, USA, and Leeds, UK.

The company wants to position itself as a brand in the software testing domain addressing the complete testing and quality assurance issues of clients cutting across industry verticals. As businesses are focusing on the development of top-notch software solutions that provide better customer experience to gain an edge in the competitive market, they are outsourcing various IT services including software testing to a third party that allows them to concentrate on core business processes. Hover, software testing, and quality assurance are not as easy as they might seem due to complex software design and development processes powered by the latest technology advancements.

Hence, devising an efficient testing strategy requires a deep understanding of novel development processes in relation to emerging technologies that enable faster and cost-efficient techniques. Right now the company is working with fortune 500 companies as well as with startup industries such as Finance, Hospitality, Airlines, Education, Banking, Blockchain, Security, Healthcare, Media, etc.

They are working on AI and ML-based tools for Software Testing which will reduce the time and enhance the quality of the software. They are also in the process of collaborating with Universities for their R&D projects. They handle all the clients with utmost responsibility and care.

The company has a long way to go, with the number of clients increasing day by day, credit goes to their innovative thoughts and all the dire work that goes into fulfilling a single client’s issue.


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