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Every used a snap chat filter and wondered how that works? There is no doubt that artificial intelligence has moved the industry by storm. AI and machine learning software are being deployed into application fields such as education, entertainment, transportation, medicine, banking, and even defense. Venturing a start-up in this field is indeed a go-to alternative if not for the market needs followed. CAMFYVISION INNOVATIONS is one such company. They bring intelligence into real-time experiences.


Starting its roots in Bangalore, CamfyVision Innovations is an Artificial Intelligence driven product-based company, proficient to solve extremely complex problems. The company primarily works on emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Computer Vision. Their team has expertise in product development in this domain with industry experience in India and Abroad. CamfyVision has developed deep learning-based FacEAI-PRO: Intelligent Facial Recognition Solution, which is a high-performance, scalable, ready-to-deploy Facial Recognition & Analytics solution for schools and pre-schools. FacEAI-PRO is an artificial intelligence-based facial recognition and video analytics solution that retains the ability to work on multiple videos feeds simultaneously from various cameras. It can detect faces with higher accuracy, track them with an algorithm that is compatible with every IP camera, and record entry and exit timings in real-time in both indoor and outdoor environments which is the need of the hour in the current market goals. The software can also generate alarms, and reports in real-time and needs minimal training to operate. The FacEAI-PRO technology can also detect motion, camera tampering, and identify the age and gender of those in the simultaneous feed and keep an accurate count of them. It also includes features like Age and Gender Detection, Blacklist Person Identification, Watch list Management, impressive report generation, Multiple IP camera Processing, and much more. CamfyVision’s Facial Recognition Solution is the outcome of several years of Research and Development. Their software is an exclusive solution due to its speed, precision, and ease of use. Most importantly, after the pandemic situations, we have faced, schools and colleges are in grave need of technology to sustain and build their system. The AI-powered Face Recognition solution is able to make sure the safe environments in University, College, School, and Pre-school campuses can instantly detect and deter known threats to students and faculty with the daily attendance and Access Control facility. Real-time alerts enhance the campus’s security with actionable intelligence. in the aspect of retail management, Facial Recognition technology identifies shoppers, links them to past purchases, and generates personalized product recommendations based on the data. As part of a wider analytics system, it can connect online and offline activity to create smarter shopping. With regard to the banking sector, the finance sector is plagued with malicious agents and struggles to combat fraudsters. Despite increased adoption of EMV cards and robust password creation policies, many banking customers are still falling victim to fraudsters, and it is costing banks enormous losses. Talking about sports and live stream arenas, Violence, and crimes at large venues become more common, Facial Recognition technology can be a great relief for the operators of sports and entertainment venues to help protect their employees, guests, performers, and athletes.

Vedpal Singh, the founder, says that as per his experience, it’s easy to get distracted when you begin your start-up. You might take a look around and assume you need to incorporate, countless other things that everyone seems to do. In light of his adherence, all that really matters is to try and find a real problem to solve. What it comes down to is whether you have hit product/market fit. If you have, you’ll know it, and you’ll start to get traction. If what you’ve built isn’t working, keep experimenting with new ideas according to the market requirements.

Vedpal Singh

CamfyVision Innovations has grown itself into leaps and bounds as a company. They have highly qualified individuals who are smart, capable IT experts, aligned with their values and objectives, and share a mutual passion for technology and doing excellent work catering to their clients and partners.

The company was selected as the TOP-25 AI startup. They also got a grant from the government with regard to Amrita TBI (EIR). They are a Patent filed solution. The company is a DIPP Certified Start-up and a KBITS Certified start-up. They were incubated in NASSCOM COE-IOT. The establishment was selected by DERBI Foundation. So far, they have deployed their solution in the Retail sector and manufacturing industry. They are planning to scale a wide range in the retail sector.

CamfyVision team

Their efficient team is the heart and soul of this company. This ledger that if you are consistent, take real-time problems into consideration and cater to the requirements placed by the market, there is nothing stopping you from achieving success in this cosmopolitan field.

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