Her EraInnovative Design Solutions (IDS) by Miss Dhwani Kothari

Innovative Design Solutions (IDS) by Miss Dhwani Kothari


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This is the success story of IDS Group i.e. Innovative Design Solutions founded by the principal architect Miss Dhwani Kothari and her business partner named Mr. Chiren Mehta. Located in the west of Mulund in Mumbai, the IDS group is comprised of large numbers of professional designers, architects, and engineers.

Besides, IDS has a large number of other professionals with huge expertise in construction methods, architectural design, and building ability. Other than specialization in design, execution, and architecture-related tasks, Innovative Design Solutions founded by Dhwani Kothari is famous for offering quick, affordable, innovative, reliable, and flexible solutions.  

How Miss Kothari started her Company

Miss Kothari had a very hard time when she left her job and was worrying about managing the expense. She was unwilling to join any other company and decided to start her own business. However, she neither had the capital nor any creative idea to do so.

Luckily, her business partner Mr. Mehta gave her the idea to set up her startup company (by working from home itself) focused on architecture and interior design projects. However, getting architectural projects was very challenging for both Miss Kothari and Mr. Chiren, as both were fresh startups.

For a long time, both Mr. Chiren Mehta and Miss Dhwani Kothari were struggling hard to come up with an innovative solution in the architectural and business sector. The hard work and dedication towards the establishment of Innovative Design Solutions give results when the partners get a call from a small café to design its space for the trail.

Miss Kothari and her partner succeeded to complete the design project according to the client’s requirements. Thus, from designing space for a café, IDS stepped ahead to accomplish multiple commercial and residential projects in the near future.

Hence, Miss Kothari worked as a startup business owner with her partner Mr. Mehta, who has pursued a Bachelor of Engineering. IDS thus started providing interior, design, architectural solutions, landscape design, custom furniture, and AMC services.

According to Miss Kothari, “We solely believe in transforming your spaces into diverse living concepts. We have completed 3years in the design and architecture industry while continuing to progress and learn each day in our small business. Our eagerness to learn new things is the prime factor, which helps us to progress consistently in today’s competitive industry.

IDS professionals have shown their expertise in consultancy, landscape projects, architectural design, custom furniture, and various others. Another special feature of IDS is that it gained recognition as a non-salary type of setup, where each member is the firm’s partner. Innovative Design Solutions also give support to freelancers willing to work from the comfort of their home.

Initially, the IDS team experienced a roller coaster ride, but ultimately, completed a memorable and enjoyable journey. Thus, right from the existence of IDS, Miss Dhwani Kothari and Mr. Chiren Mehta, along with their professional team successfully completed about 40 different design and/or interior projects during the last 3 years.

What are the Achievements and Specialties of IDS?  

Professional designers and architects at IDS always design highly progressive and creative settings for the available space and develop nonlinear architectural vocabulary and style. This helps in a relatively higher engagement with clients. State-of-the-art, innovative and original idea is the keystone of IDS services, which expand to cover varieties of interface solutions.

Miss Dhwani Kothari has outstanding demonstration abilities to communicate ideas and resolve a wide range of design issues accurately. IDS team provides full support to its client perspective and provides appropriate demonstration with arrays of renderings to meet architectural applications.

Innovative Design Solutions has initially set up without any design and/or interior projects in hand. However, within only a small span of time, IDS experts completed approximately 40projects to 50projects during the last few years.

Other than this, IDS succeeded to tie up with large numbers of brands and creating its brand name yet value in the market. Miss Kothari worked with leading brands and suppliers, while manufacturers approached IDS for buying materials. Based on recognition, IDS gets the opportunity to work across different regions of India and thereby, have nationwide achievement and expansion of the business.

A prime reason behind this is that IDS experts always understand the client’s business objectives, create inspiring environments and allow them to obtain their respective business goals. Now, the startup group is planning to work for pan India and taking steps to build a relatively more efficient and keep-going team.

Innovative Design Solutions founded by Miss Dhwani Kothari has contributed a lot to accomplishing outstanding design and architecture projects for residents, commercial units, landscape,s and other competitive sectors.

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