In DepthThe dangers and benefits of a post pandemic work...

The dangers and benefits of a post pandemic work from home revolution


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This pandemic has turned all our lives upside down with things never heard before taking place. The labor industry is one of the worst hit industries due to the pandemic with a huge percentage of employees being laid in a month alone.  Smaller businesses that can’t afford the transition will dwindle. The government will not be able to properly compensate for their losses. Ultimately, the dispossessed will identify scapegoats for their troubles, both foreign and domestic. With the outside world becoming more and more dangerous, WORK FROM HOME has become the new reality for almost every employee.

With most companies opt for work-from-home scenarios for all of their employees for the safety of their health. The biggest misconception of Work From Home is it is less productive, especially in nations like India where the majority of software projects are outsourced and there’s also a question of work ethic.  Some of the benefits of this scenario are, that the Indian commute is a major hassle. It takes away 3 hours in a day for most people. The lunch and break are more casual and extended, unlike in western countries. So the day goes into 14 15 hours of work encompassing all this. Also, the fuel food, and all the expenses put forward by an entry-level trainee hardly save anything so this is good for them financially. Working from home gives you the only choice to eat homemade food and dishes, which are way healthier than the food outside. As long as you’re at home you’re all the time surrounded by your family if you are staying with your family, which means you have a lot of chances to bond with them and create a happy and healthy atmosphere at home. Sitting home is cutting down tons of pollution as the transport will not be an existing factor at a higher rate, the environment can breathe out green, even the depletion rates of fossil will come under control. Working at home is much healthier than sitting at the office, as an individual’s major exposure to the pollution outside will be cut down hugely. And one can totally explore one’s hobbies, interests ways to learn more about his interest, and if one succeeded get certified to work on the passion or that plan of opening a social media blog can get into perfect action right now. The individuals can also have control over their ambient atmosphere, as they’re not supposed to in their workplaces. By far the biggest benefit one can ever imagine is working for a totally different country by just sitting in your bedroom, this is insane, all you need to own is a laptop and internet with this, you can work for companies across the seas.

The cons are, all of us have to agree that we are ardent fans of shawarma but the current situation is giving us all a run to go ahead with eating the food from the stores or restaurants or even your favorite samosa in your office cafeteria. In a few companies, you are meant to be available starting from 9 in the morning till 8 in the evening which is totally disrupting the 9–5 pattern, and it doesn’t include the set-aside lunch timings as well, which is health deteriorating. Working from home will definitely cut down your interaction levels, as you’re just at home or talking to your colleagues over the phone, it creates a lag in your communication, with this, it even creates a kind of situation to explain about something to anyone as it is much easier to interact face to face. When you’re at home you tend easily get distracted as no one’s watching you, this can cause a lessening of your productivity rate. It also takes an off from your work, as you sleep in your housework in your house, it gets really hard to put a stop to your work, basically, you’ll miss the balance between work life and personal and gradually find yourself in an overworking situation. When you’re working from home, all your achievements might go unnoticed as the impact created in the virtual field is quite less.

With such gripping times we need to choose what’s better for us and our family, big companies have decided to permanently continue with the work-from-home scenario, as the situation is just getting harder and harder to get hands-on. It might be hard, but the end of the day you’re safe at least.

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