UncategorizedIs VR and AR The Future?

Is VR and AR The Future?


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Technology has been labeled as anything we want and anything which is impossible to imagine in life. From shopping to the military to education everything has taken dimensions to a world we never imagined to be. One such mist hailed the discovery of all time is augmented reality(AR) and virtual reality (VR). Since humans are extremely visual beings, our brains revoke something we see more than anything else. Let’s see what brings us to this.


Let me give you an example. The Snapchat filters you use, the Pokemon go game, ever wondered how these drains function? This is because of the elements added into live pictures on your smartphone called argument reality.

Now, imagine you are playing a video game in the middle of a war zone which feels like arrows shooting into your eyes and people running beside you. This is because of virtual reality.

Since we now know what the terms mean, let’s dive into the future.

Even though it’s been around for quite some time, majorly due to its development costs, these technologies were not considered until recently. Now they are extensively used in military, education, entertainment, and almost every smartphone device. In the next five years, the former will stack up to the most demanded technologies after artificial intelligence without any doubt.

Reports suggest that by the end of 2022, AR-enabled shopping trends are going to beat around the town, enabling consumers to have closer access to their choice. For now, 15% of the retailers have switched to AR-enforced logistics for a better experience. Makeup, fashion-oriented brands for this technology in their dressing room, which uses face recognition which adapts to the lighting, voice suggestions, and also recommendations. At this rate, VR is also going to aid further instances very soon.

Coming to the automotive industry, high-end companies imbibe AR solutions to check the accuracy, virtual design of the vehicle, and culinary blueprints, which nail the process of any automobile. Not only this, after manufacturing the driver is given directions not looking at the maps, but with the help of displayable hollow graphic arrow marks. On-screen data and car specifications are in real portrayals which do not require any more rocket science. VR also kicks off in health care where patients with phobias and other mental disorders and treated. Medical students are trained through VR for their surgical theories. It also helps in finishing the default in visually imparted patients by tracking their eye movements.


From what is already happening with the technicalities, we know for sure that AR and VR casualties have nowhere to go but up. With the rising popularity of 5G networks, possibilities just shoot you for the boom for the former. Educational sectors will introduce interactive and innovative standards of learning leading to better understanding. Companies will train their employees and engage in newer constraints. The architecture will open up new perceptions. Business and entertainment sectors will flourish. To successfully conquer this is now a bullseye. Everything a dream is now a possibility. We aren’t too far from the virtual world taking over what we have presumed to live in. What do you think the future holds?

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