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How to Make Your Communication Powerful


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Today, most jobs need strong communication skills among applicants. Besides, good communication skills are keys to enjoying improved interpersonal relations with family members and friends. Effective communication is an essential interpersonal skill and when you learn to make your communication powerful, you will end up enjoying a pull of benefits.

However, most individuals, especially students do not know where they should start. Thus, we have shared a few of the tips, so that you can easily identify the problematic areas and brush up on your communication skills to prepare for the near future.

Develop the Listening Skills 

You should always remember that the best communicators are essentially the ones, who have outstanding listening skills. You have to listen to your audience without any judgment or distraction by thinking about your next sentence or reply. You should give respond to other people but avoid reacting to their spoken words. You have to remember that good listeners always use clarification and reflection techniques to confirm the response of other people and avoid all sorts of confusion. These techniques highlight that you are an active listener.

Give Respect to Your Audience 

Recognizing your message is not only what you want to say or anything about yourself. Instead, you have to care about the unique perspectives and requirements of other people with whom you communicate. Especially, you should pay attention to what other people want to stay to pay respect to them.

Take Time to Give Response

Once you listen and understood the viewpoints of other people, you should dedicate some time to think well and prepare a draft (in your mind) about what you should say or reply.

Always Use Simple and Straightforward Sentences 

Lengthy sentences with complicated terminologies can make your audience less interested in your message. To make your communication powerful, you have to use simple, easily understandable, and straightforward sentences. The use of simple and straightforward language not only conveys your message to others in a good manner but also helps you deliver your spoken words easily.

Body Language and Eye Contact 

While communicating with other people, you should frequently watch visual signs that whether your listeners understand you well or not and identify whether they agree or disagree with your message. Besides, you should always stay aware of your posture, gesture, and your hand movements while talking to others.

Other than body language, you have to maintain proper eye contact, especially when you have to address a big crowd. Maintaining eye contact always builds credibility and highlights your care or concern towards your listeners.

Engage Your Readers

You should draw your readers and listeners into your conversation. For this, you should ask relevant questions and entertain their opinions. One of the best ways to engage the audience is to solicit their feedback on your opinion or spoken words.

Clarify and Rephrase Your Sentences 

If you want to be a good communicator, you have to avoid blaming your readers and/or listeners for not understanding your point. Instead, you have to develop your creative skills to search for ways to clarify and rephrase your sentences to make them understand easily.

Emotional Intelligence 

Emotional intelligence refers to understanding the emotions of one’s own and other people. It covers varieties of skills, often categorized under social skills and personal skills. Social skills consist of empathy and personal skills consist of motivation, self-regulation, and self-awareness. If you want to work well and understand other people properly, you have to stay aware of your emotions first and should develop mastery in them.

Use Your Sense of Humor

You should always use your sense of humor to bridge the communication gap among your audience and get the affection of other people.

Powerful communication is fundamental to achieving success in different aspects of life. With effective communication skills, you gain mastery to handle difficult conversations, express your innovative ideas, and skillfully negotiate your salary.

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